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Helen Herrman
WPA Secretary for Publications

The WPA publications program aims to promote the goals of the Association and specifically to: 1) disseminate information about clinical, service and research developments in the mental health field to the largest possible number of psychiatrists and health professionals across the world; 2) promote and give visibility to good quality research carried out in low and middle income countries; and 3) upgrade the publishing capacity of WPA.

These goals are pursued through the official journal of the Association, World Psychiatry, continuation of successful book series, the publication of books on topics relevant to the ethical and successful practice of modern psychiatry and illustrating partnerships with important groups in doing this, efforts to promote online availability and wider dissemination of published materials, and offering support to psychiatric journals in low- and middle-income countries. The WPA journals and published, new and forthcoming books are described here.

World Psychiatry, edited by WPA President Prof Mario Maj, is a high quality journal of international mental health, widely disseminated to all countries. It supports publication of material from authors of all regions and countries. It publishes research articles from around the world, balanced with a significant proportion of Special Articles, Forums, Mental Health Policy Papers, Section Reports and WPA News, with the participation of many of the most highly cited authors in our field, aiming to keep the readership informed on significant clinical, service and research developments in mental health as well as on WPA initiatives. It is now distributed to more than 32,000 psychiatrists worldwide. It is produced in English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian languages, in partial translation in Romanian, and the possibilities of publishing World Psychiatry and translating articles in other languages including French are under exploration. The journal is now indexed by Pub Med, and full articles and abstracts from its inception in January 2002 are available online through PubMed as well as the WPA web site. In July 2006 World Psychiatry was accepted for inclusion in the Current Contents and in the Science Citation Index. Its first impact factor, released in June 2009 is 3.896, ranking it as the 24th of 101 indexed psychiatric journals.

The WPA Bulletin on Depression is edited by Prof. Driss Moussaoui. It aims to provide education for primary care doctors and residents in psychiatry. Two issues have been published each year, since 1993 and this will be increased to three. 50.000 copies are distributed worldwide in 5 different languages (sometimes up to 8 different languages).

The series Evidence and Experience in Psychiatry is a highly successful publishing venture that compares research evidence and clinical experience concerning the diagnosis and management of the most common mental disorders. Each volume of the series covers a particular group of mental disorders, by means of a set of systematic reviews of the research evidence, each followed by commentaries produced by psychiatrists from various countries and representing different schools of thought. Nine volumes exist, several in second edition and several translated into various languages including Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Turkish. A third edition of Depressive Disorders was published in August 2009 and a volume is in preparation on Substance Abuse Disorders.

The series Anthologies of International Psychiatric Texts (Series Director D. Moussaoui) and Anthologies Online
The books in this series include classical texts produced by psychiatrists of a given country or group of countries published in English for the first time, accompanied by essays on their authors. In recognition of their value to psychiatrists everywhere, electronic versions of the French, Spanish,Italian and German volumes, are now published online by Wiley-Blackwell. These are available through the WPA website and link to Wiley-Blackwell Interscience.

Publishing developments in partnership with WPA
All Wiley-Blackwell books published for WPA are available online. Publishing agreements with Rowman & Littlefield allow books published by Rowman & LittlefieldLittlefield to be placed on the WPA website for free access 18 months after publication date. Translation into additional languages (current for World Psychiatry and volumes in Evidence and Experience series), and appropriate ways to disseminate books and electronic content to colleagues in low- and middle-income countries are under continuing discussion with publishers.




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