December 2010
Building editorial capacity in developing world settings - a WPA initiative

A recent strategy adopted by the WPA task force on publications is support for WPA Editorial Fellowships. These fellowships are intended for award to individuals who show potential to become future editors of journals in low- and middle-income country (LAMIC) settings. Specifically, a fellowship is designed to facilitate the mentoring and training of such individuals by experienced journal editors who have, more often than not, gained their own editorial expertise ‘on the job.’ With the support of the WPA Secretary for Publications (Helen Herrman), and as a first test of this idea, the editor of the African Journal of Psychiatry (AJOP) (Christopher P. Szabo) recently secured a WPA Editorial Fellowship for Dr Jonathan Burns to join him in editing the October 2010 edition of the AJOP. The Fellowship supported travel, accommodation and meals for JB to visit Johannesburg from his home base in Durban (both in South Africa) for two full days of active mentorship. This was carried out during August 2010. Based on the experience of Dr Burns it is hoped that the strategy will evolve further in terms of awarding fellowships that enable such a process to occur on a regular basis and in other LAMIC regions. 


Prof. Christopher Szabo, South Africa Dr. Jonathan Burns, South Africa

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