September 2011
The book “Teaching Psychiatry - putting theory into practice” has been published early 2011

Teaching Psychiatry

This book is not about what to teach, but how to teach. Written by a team of international experts with many years of experience in psychiatric education, this book is of interest to all those engaged in training the next generation of psychiatrists. It includes:

  • Instruction on developing a curriculum for Residency training, teaching interviewing skills, teaching psychotherapy and using new technology
  • Innovative ways of engaging medical students in psychiatry and developing their interest in the specialty, including experience with new types of elective and research options and development of roles for students in patient care 
  • Descriptions of workplace-based assessments 
  • Discussions of both theoretical and practical perspectives and examples of particular innovations in the field using case studies

At a time when the psychiatry needs to improve recruitment, this book will help show how to improve the quality of psychiatric education, thereby improving the quality of psychiatric care and making the profession more attractive to medical students.




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