May 2012
Minutes of section meeting of WPA Section on Public Policy and Psychiatry at WASP Congress Marrakech, 2010, October 24

Present: Richard Warner/USA, Levent Kuey/Turkey, Heinz Katschnig/Austria, Alan Rosen/Australia; Wolfgang Rutz/Sweden, George Szmukler/UK, Vito Flaker/Slovenia, Vivienne Miller/Australia, Irene Kirsten/Portugal, Charles Doutney/Australia, Victor Vladar Rivero/Netherlands, Jonathan Burns/South Africa, Michaela Amering/Austria.

Excused: Dusica Lecic Tosevski/Serbia, Ezra Susser/USA, Sue Estroff/USA, Helen Herrman/Australia.

The members appreciated the active involvement of section members at this congress in symposia on psychosocial rehabilitation, reduction of coercion, gender and mental health and social inclusion.

The members drew attention to the next WASP World Congress which will be in Lisbon in 2013.

Regarding the plans for 15th World Congress in Buenos Aires, September 18-22, 2011, we understand that only one section symposium will be allowed. We agreed that this symposium will be on the reduction of coercion (Warner/Amering). Another regular symposium is being organized by section members on the implementation gap presented by putting public policy in effect in the community (Amering/Warner).

The deadline for the WPA Thematic Conference on "Rethinking Quality in Psychiatry: Education, Research, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment" in Istanbul, June 9-12, 2011 is Dec 10, 2010. Wolfgang Rutz is thinking for putting together a symposium on Public Health and Society. We will be working on a number of other symposia.

 The WPA website has become very active and is able to serve the sections more effectively. Materials pertinent to the section could be distributed via website, such as the article by Szmukler and Dawson ‘A model law fusing incapacity and mental health legislation.’ George Szmukler will see whether publishers of the special edition of the Journal of Mental Health will offer it for distribution there. Similar issues were raised with respect to Alan Rosen’s ‘The community psychiatrist of the future’ and Jonathan Burns’ ideas for projects involving engagement of the section. We will find out as soon as possible how best to use the website and we will also be looking for a webmaster among the members/the board.

There will be elections later this year, a topic we will be able to discuss in Buenos Aires. Ideas and nominations are welcome, including nominations for the chairperson and the webmaster.

Richard Warner

Michaela Amering




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