July 2015
Early Career Psychiatrists

CHAIR: Mariana Pinto da Costa Mariana Pinto da Costa
Address: Hospital de Magalhães Lemos, Porto, Portugal,
Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry Queen Mary University of London,
London, UK
E-mail: mariana.pintodacosta@gmail.com

CO-CHAIR: Fairouz Fairouz Tawfik
Address:  Institute of Psychiatry,
Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
E-mail: fairouz.tawfik8587@gmail.com

SECRETARY: Mariana Santos Mariana Santos
Address: Center for Drug and Alcohol Reserach,
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul,
Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil
E-mail: marianapaimsantos@gmail.com


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The Early Career Psychiatrists Section aims to promote the role of early career psychiatrists in psychiatry as a whole, address their shared needs and strengthen their role in the WPA. The section is furthermore intended to be a “low-threshold point-of-entry” for early career psychiatrists worldwide who are interested in active contribution to the WPA. The section will therefore closely collaborate with the leadership of the WPA and the existing scientific sections. As the section is not restricted to a specific area of psychiatry, the section will develop an action plan every three years (i.e. through every new committee triennium) to work on a specific area of need in collaboration with other sections of the WPA.
The main purpose of the section is to promote networking and enhance professional exchange among early career psychiatrists worldwide.

Specifically, the section will serve the following purposes:

1- Training:

  • a. The section will arrange training activities worldwide, whether on national or international level.
  • b. The section will base its training activities (i.e. workshops, courses, lectures, etc.) on the needs of the members, according to continuous feedback from them.
  • c. The section will search for the necessities in the training of early career psychiatrists worldwide and provide reports that can be used by WPA sections, universities and training facilities to improve the process.

2- Services:

  • a. Worldwide, early career psychiatrists are often the backbone of their respective psychiatric services. Shared needs will be identified and professional exchange will be facilitated in order to improve those local services.
  • b. By providing training activities, the section will help raise the training quality and level of early career psychiatrists which will have a direct impact on service provision.

3- Research:

  • a. The section aims to establish a network of Early Career Psychiatrists in order to conduct own research projects and to facilitate research projects with other scientific sections.
  • b. Due to the diversity of interests among section members, this may allow for different projects to take place in the same time. This will substantially aid research capacity-building among early career psychiatrists worldwide.

As the members will receive training in line with the WPA action plans, and according to the visions of the WPA leadership, this will ensure that those who are expected to be the future leaders will receive early preparation to serve the WPA in the future.

For section membership, please follow these steps:

  • 1- Please fill in a preliminary registration form. Click here.
  • 2- According to the "terms of reference of the section", membership is strictly for medical school graduates who fit the criteria of ECPs definition. To apply for membership, short CV accompanied by a letter, explaining why joining the section is requested, must be sent to the Secretary of the section (Dr. Mariana P. Santos: marianapaimsantos@gmail.com) and a copy to wpa.ecp.section@gmail.com . The board will then review the request and decide. The board has the right to deny any applicant the membership if not qualified for the section.

For the section terms of reference final amended May 2017 click here.

For the section terms of reference July 2015 click here.




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