Minutes Florence 2004

  • Number of Members 27 (Active members confirmed after August 22)
  • Number of Countries represented 12
  • Officers (name, address, telephone number, fax-number, e-mail)
    • Chair: Luis Salvador-Carulla / +34 956-311587 / l.salvador@telefonica.net
    • Co-chair: Geraldine Holt / +44 20-7955 4792 / geraldine.holt@kcl.ac.uk
    • Secretary: Ramon Novell-Alsina / +34 607181474 / 22245rna@comb.es

Activities since August 2002

Consensus statements
Educational programme for update in Mental Retardation in Spain (2002) co-sponsored by WPA. Plans to expand it to latin-america through the WPA Educational program - Responsible: Dr R Novell

Contacts with Mental Health Economics section for developing a common activity on Mental retardation policy and costs.

Future perspectives of the Section

The section is planning to prepare a web page (Dr Marco Bertelli) (Cooperation requested to Peter Carpenter). It will present a symposium in Florence in the WPA regional congress 2004. It is co-sponsoring the NADD meeting in Boston (March 2004) and will present a course there.

The section is planning a debate on the name of Mental Retardation and pros and cons of changing it in agreement with current developments in the field.

Contacts have been set up with main organizations in the field of MR, including the NADD, IASSID and MH-MR (see list of members document).




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