Report 2005

Activities of 2004 started with the participation to the NADD fifth international congress, held in Boston in February. The section was chosen for the co-patronage of the event and for a pre-conference symposium on conceptual challenges of Mental Retardation. Here Prof. Salvador-Carulla, Prof. Weber, Dr. Bertelli and Prof. La Malfa proposed an update on the concept and classification of MR, challenging behaviour and psychiatric disorders in intellectual disability. Another patronage was given to the 4th national congress of the Italian Society for Mental Retardation (SIRM), in wich the section also kept a symposium on major issues of mental health in Intellectual Disability (ID).

The section hold two board meetings in 2004 and one in 2005. The first in Montpellier (France) on June 15th, the second in Florence (Italy) on November 13th, and the third in El Cairo on September 12th.

The presence at the WPA International Congress 'Treatments in Psychiatry. An update', held in Florence (Italy) on November 10-13, was quite considerable and articulated in three symposia. One of these was Intersectional, organised and conducted together with the section on Mental Health Economics.

In 2004 it was difficult to carry out research activities due to the lack of funding or any financial support. The WPA section will keep on providing its support to any related organisation with a financial structure such as the Italian Society on Research on Mental retardation (SIRM). A major effort has been done in 2004 in order to increase cooperation with other WPA sections.

Besides the one with the section on Mental Health Economics, the section has established another important cooperation with the WPA Diagnosis and Classification section. A joint symposium was held at the WPA Athens Congress and another one has been organised for the WPA El Cairo Congress (September 2005).

At the WPA Regional and Intersectorial Congress "Advances in Psychiatry" hold in Athens in March 12-15 2005, the section participated in two sessions: "The Construction of Future International Classification and Diagnostic Systems: The Role of the WPA Scientific Sections", organised by the section on classification, and "Mental Health and Intellectual Disability: an update", chaired by L. Salvador Carulla and N. Bouras.
The section is also involved in the educational programme for update in Mental Retardation in Spain, for which there are plans of expansion to latin-america through the WPA Educational program under the responsibility of Dr R. Novell. This educational program requires the agreement of the editing company (Aula Medica) in order to provide free on-line access to the educational material.
This process is on-going.

The section has completed the translation of the ABC Mental Health in Mental Retardation into Spanish (www. Aeecrm. com) which has already been sent to the Secretary for Publications. A translation into Italian is already available and another one into Chinese will be prepared for 2006. In 2005 the Section has prepared a position statement on the name of Mental Retardation/Intellectual Disability. Dr. Henry Wai Ming Kwok has attended the 1st Asia-Pacific Congress of IASSID (June 12-15, Taipei - Taiwan) on behalf of the section. He gave a keynote speech titled 'Medical and Mental Health Care for people with ID: Past, Present and Future' and also acted as moderator in a plenary. The same Dr. Wai Ming Kwok is also collecting opinions on the Core Curriculum for medical students.

At the WPA XIII World Congress of Psychiatry (El Cairo, Egypt), the section organised 5 symposia on as many topics: advances in psychiatric diagnosis and assessment, training for mental health problems, evidence-based approaches to treatment and interventions for psychiatric disorders, mental healthcare system and policies.

The section co-patronaged and partecipated to the V European congress of the EAMH-MR (European Association for Mental Health in Mental Retardation) held in Barcelona (Spain) on October 6-8.




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