Section Meeting, 12th September 2005, Cairo, Egypt

Chair: Professor Luis Salvador-Carulla
In attendance: Geraldine Holt, Marco Bertelli, Michael Seidel, Anupam Pokharel, Henry Kwok (recorder)


  1. Report 2005:The meeting opened with the presentation of the Section Report 2005 by the Chairman. Please see the Power Point file in the Appendix.
  2. Main Issues and Proposals:
    1. Geraldine Holt would step down from her post of Co-chair for personal reason. Dr Ramon Novell had already resigned from the post of Section Secretary on 13.11.2004.The Section acknowledged Geraldine Holt and Ramon Novell for their service and contribution during their term of post. The Section also acknowledged Dr Marco Bertelli for producing the section newsletter as well as Dr Salvador and Dr Kwok for the success of the section activities during the WPA Congress.
    2. It was agreed that the name of the section be changed to Section Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability (SPID) in accordance with international consensus.
    3. The Chairman suggested that non-psychiatrists could also be admitted as members of our Section. The possibility raised several comments and it was eventually agreed that the Section could have two membership lists; one for psychiatrists and an affiliated list for non-psychiatrists.
    4. Dr Salvador-Carulla suggested to initiate special interest working groups within the Section on Classification, Education and Training and Assessment. The function of these groups would be presented in 2006.
    5. Members proposed to invite Prof. Sheila Hollins, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists to join our Section.
    6. Michael Seidel suggested that Education and Training could involve Eastern Europe step by step. The Chairman agreed and said professionals should be targeted in the initial phase.
  3. Election of the Board 2006-2008
    Prof. L Salvador and Dr H Kwok proposed to continue for a new term as Chair and Secretary of the Section respectively. Dr L Salvador suggested Marco Bertelli to replace Dr Holt, who would continue to serve as associate executive member of the Section together with Prof Nick Bouras and Dr R Novell. A fourth executive post was vacant and would be covered in 2006. These proposals were accepted by the attendants without objection.
  4. Section Board 2006-2008:
    Chair: L Salvador-Carulla (Spain)
    Co-Chair: M Bertelli (Italy)
    Secretary: H Kwok (Hong Kong-China)
    Associate Executives: N Bouras (UK), G Holt (UK), R Novell (Spain)
  5. Next meeting: The date and venue had not been decided. It would be discussed by the Board by March 2006.




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