Mass Media & Mental Health

Chair:  Dr. Miguel Angel Materazzi (Argentina)
Co-Chair:   Dra. Irene Jakab (USA)
Secretary:   Dr. Pedro Ruggero (USA)


A first symposium on Mass Media and Psychiatry, chaired by Dr. M.A. Materazzi, was held during the 1971 WPA World Congress held in Mexico City. Symposium. Symposium preparation had relied on a team work including professionals from the University of Buenos Aires, and Hospital Borda (a Buenos Aires-based mental hospital for men). Thereafter, a society by the name of Centro de Investigacion Medicopsicologica de la Comunicacion - CIMP (Center for Medical-psychological Research on Communication), and a Centro de Psicocine (Center for Psychocinema Research) were founded.
Note: Centro de Psicocine was merged as a CIMP working area later on. CIMP is now a foundation by the name of Fundacion para la Investigacion Interdisciplinaria de la Comunicacion - FINTECO (Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research on Communication) For further details, see under Member societies.

The WPA Congress held in Hawaii was another opportunity for the future Section to submit the results of a consistent research work. A wide team of professional from different countries whose activity was coordinated by Dr. M.A. Materazzi (Argentina) join that team work.

Research production is covering a wide range of topics, namely: methodology, ethics, positive or negative use of mass media, teaching, and training of human resources in Medicine, with a special emphasis placed on Psychiatry.
More professionals from other countries adhere to the activities of CIMP.

During the WPA Congress held in Athens, Greece, a great deal of papers from CIMP members are read at CIMP symposium. Activities gain momentum, and CIMP appears at every possible WPA Regional Meetings.

During the WPA Congress held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dr. M.A. Materazzi considers the possibility to apply por a Section to be created under the name of Section on Mass Media and Mental Health.

During the WPA Congress held in Madrid, Spain, the WPA accepts Dr. M.A. Materazzi's proposal, and Section on Mass Media and Mental Health is included as an ad-hoc Section.

During the WPA Congress in Hamburg, Germany, Section on Mass Media and Mental Health is definitely accepted as a full WPA Section.
Section includes the following Committees: Violence, Education, Ethics, Research, and Prevention.

Recent Regional Meetings and/or Symposia Section has held include: a 3-day megasymposium in Bahia, Brazil (1999), a Section Symposium within the annual Psychiatry Congresses organized by FINTECO which is traditionally held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in June(1999/2000).
Activities to come include: a Section Meeting within the I World Congress on Depression to be held in Mendoza, Argentina (September 2000); a Section Symposium within the APAL Congress to be held in Lima, Peru (September 2000); a Section Meeting to be held at the School of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires (November 2000), and a Meeting of several Sections the activities of which are akin to ours, to be held at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, NY (November 2000) -in this connection, a previous meeting will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina (October 2000 first fortnight).




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