Psychiatry & Human Sexuality

Chair: Prof. Ruben J. Hernandez-Serrano (Venezuela)
Co-chair: Prof. Said Abdel Azim (Egypt)
Secretary: Prof. Antonio Pacheco- Palha (Portugal)

Below is a list of International Meetings where the Section has been present during the course of 2001:

154 APA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. May 5-10, 2001
Workshop "Mental Health Education for the Primary Care Physician"
Joint Symposium of the WPA Section on Education and the WPA Section on Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care.
Chair: Linda Gask
Co-Chair: A. Musacchio
D. Baron: "Developing Objectives, Making the Most of the Lecture Format in Psychiatry".
L.Gask: "How to Make Role-Play Acceptable - Running Videofeedback Groups".
P.Ruiz & A.Musacchio: "Sharing and Accessing Materials, Resources and Expertise- The Role of the World Psychiatric Association".
Discussant: R. Fahrer

Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Meeting + World Psychiatric Association European Regional Meeting. 9-13 July, 2001. London, England.
Symposium "Psychiatry of General Hospital: An Update".
Chair: Linda Gask
Co-Chair:Rodolfo Fahrer
R.Morriss: "Management of Somatisation in the General Hospital".
L.Gask: "What is the Role of the Specialist in Improving the Quality of Care for Common Mental Health Problems?"
R.Fahrer: "Therapeutic Approach to Depression in the General Hospital".
Discussant: G.Christodoulou.

World Psychiatric Association International Congress. September 30-October 4, 2001. Madrid, Spain.
Course of the WPA Section on Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care + WPA Section on Education.
"Diagnosing and Treating Depression".
P.Ruiz: "Treating Chronic Depression".
R.Fahrer: "Clinical Diagnosis of Depression. Scales and Diagnostic Questionnaires".
M.Rodriguez: "Diagnosing and Treating Depression in the Elderly".
J.Bobes García: "Biological Treatment of Depression (Antidepressants, Mood Ondulators, Augmentation Techniques, ECT).
A.Musacchio: "Psychotherapeutic Approaches (Interpersonal Therapy and Cognitive/ Behavioral Therapy).


XVII National Congress of the Mexican Psychiatric Association and Regional Symposium of the WPA. 16-20 November 2001. Cancun, Mexico.
Coordinated Discussion Table "Certification in Psychiatry in latin America. Definition of Criteria".
Chair: R. De la Fuente and J. Insua
R. Muñoz




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