Message from Prof. Christodoulou, WPA Secretary of Sections

A Breakthrough in Communications of the WPA The WPA Sections’ Directory

The Directory of the Sections of the WPA, after intense efforts of almost three years is now a reality.

The Directory contains the addresses, Telephone, Fax and E-mail of most members of the WPA Sections. The task has been huge and the Secretary for Sections Prof. George Christodoulou would like to thank all the Sections’ leaders for their efforts to compile the information concerning their members, the Secretariat of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association for the intensive recretarial work, Wyeth in Greece for having undertaken the expenses for the editing of the Directory, our Secretary for Education Prof. Roger Montenegro for collaborating with Prof. Christodoulou in the production of the electronic version of the Directory and the WPA President-elect Prof. J.E.Mezzich for advice and guidance throughout all the stages of the production of the Directory.

The next edition of the Directory will of course be more complete with the completion of pending information concerning the existing sections and the addition of information concerning the new ad hoc sections. The number of the WPA Sections has now reached 64, the most extensive network of Sections not only in psychiatry but perhaps in all medical disciplines.

We believe that the Directory will be very useful in provision of information and communication not only between the Sections but also between the Sections and other WPA components. Additionally, it will be useful for Mental Health services organizations outside the WPA.




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