Report of Activities 1999-2002

  • Section symposium: "Preventive Psychiatry" (WPA Regional Meeting in the Mediterranean area, Rome, Italy, 16-19 June 1997)
  • Section symposium: "Secondary and Tertiary Psychiatric Prevention" (World Congress on Rehabilitation in Psychiatry, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 27-30 August 1997)
  • Organization of the WPA Congress on Psychiatric Prevention (in collaboration with the Hellenic Psychiatric Association) in February 1999. Within the Congress a special Inter-Sectional Forum to which Presidents of 12 more sections participated and explained ways in which their sections could contribute to psychiatric prevention. Our Section has officially proposed clustering of all sections that are relevant to psychiatric prevention.
  • Section Symposium: "Early Preventive Interventions" (WPA Regional Meeting, Athens, Greece, February 1999)
  • Section Symposium: "Preventive Strategies in Psychiatry" (XI World Congress of Psychiatry, Hamburg, Germany, August 1999)
  • Section Symposium: “Preventive Psychiatry” (Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Meeting and WPA European Regional Meeting, London, England, 9-13 July 2001)
  • Two Section symposia were organized at the XII World Congress of Psychiatry, Yokohama 2002: 1) Prevention of Negative Consequences of Mental Disorders and 2) Health Promotion: An Integral Component of Clinical Care.
  • The Section participated at the Intersectional symposium, XII World Congress of Psychiatry.
  • A Consensus Statement on Prevention has been approved by the WPA General Assembly, XII World Congress of Psychiatry.
  • Two officers of the Section (G.N.Christodoulou and D.Lecic-Tosevski) are members of the WPA Educational Network
  • G.N.Christodoulou, Founder and member of the Section, is WPA Secretary for Sections. He participates in the Public Health Aspects of Psychiatry - WPA educational program, chaired by Prof. N. Sartorius and in "Neuroscience in Psychiatry", Task Force chaired by Prof. A. Okasha.
  • Cooperation with the World Federation of Mental Health, Clifford Beeer’s Foundation and The Carter Center (Atlanta) has been achieved, and members of the Section participated as the chairman and plenary lecturers of the II World Conference on Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders and Promotion of Mental Health, London, 11-13 September 2002
  • Cooperation with WHO, related to prevention of mental disorders and promotion of mental health

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