Report of the WPA PIP Section First Meeting

The 2001 Royal College Congress marks the official birth of the new “Psychoanalyse In Psychiatry” WPA section. This congress was also the occasion of the first meeting of the section with the objective to define the principle of the section, select its priorities, settle its board and organise its work.

PIP Section Principles: Daniel Kipman set out the ideas on which the section was created by the WPA: PIP section does not want to become a new psychoanalytic group but a psychiatric group working to enhance psychoanalysis in psychiatry at an international level. In this perspective, psychoanalytic influence on psychiatry goes much further than psychotherapy. On that particular topic the PIP section will work jointly with Psychotherapy Section , but this will not be a priority nor the main interest of the section which will first concentrate on larger objectives, namely the role of psychoanalytic theories in psychiatric activities and thinking.

PIP Section organisation: The section organisation will be based on the three axes mentioned in the argument wrote by D. Kipman: Formation, Research and Clinic.
For each of these main lines a person in charge was designated:
Florence Quartier (CH) for Formation
Ayca Gudal (Turkey) for Clinic
Alan Tasman (USA) for Research

A forth axis is proposed during the meeting: Relationship between psychoanalysis and public health systems. K. Pylkanen (Finland) is in charge of this topic.

  • D Widlocher, who accepted to be a member of the section, will be in charge of the links with psychoanalytic societies
  • B Martindale (UK) will be in charge of in WPA communication ; he will coordinate an international survey heading to better know the state of the implication of psychoanalysis in psychiatry. He will also edit the section's Bulletin.
  • A Barriguete (Mexico) will be in charge of the communication on section works outside WPA. He will coordinate information on Internet.

The board: was designated . D Kipman will be the President of the section for the next three years. A Tasman will cochair the section , and M Botbol will be the secretary of the section.
The first projects: were discussed

  • On Formation the first project is to create working groups on formation at "psychiatric interview" on the model of what Florence Quartier initiated in Swizerland. Contacts have already be taken in France and Turkey to organise such groups. Other contacts may be taken through the international survey we mentioned.
  • This survey is the second priority of the section. We will have first to elaborate a questionnaire with the main aim to know more about the existing groups working on application of psychoanalysis in psychiatry. After a discussion on the best way to implement this project we decide that it will circulate through WPA zonal representatives beginning with European and Latino American ones due to contacts we already took with them. The results of this survey will be published in the Section's Bulletin.
  • On the Clinic line, section decides that its first objective will be to create Reading Groups on basic psychoanalytic texts, this being the first step for “supervision” groups on psychiatric situations. The selection of this basic texts has already begun . Eventually we will try to have this selection edited through a WPA edition to favours its international diffusion.
  • The section will be very present in most of future WPA meetings beginning with the Yokohama congress in which we plan two symposia a workshop and a course.

For the symposia: the first one will be on “In what psychoanalysis can be usefull for Psychiatry". It will be chaired by Kipman and Widlocher and will include communications on psychoanalytic contributions to topic in which it is rarely mentioned now. An example could be the proposal made by Tasman on a communication on psychoanalytic approach of psychiatric pharmacotherapy. Other proposal could be for example role of psychoanalysis in cares or treatments of schizophrenia, or in prevention and public mental health systems. Kipman will send our proposals before the end of August (dead line fixed by the Congress organising committee.

The second symposium should be organised jointly with another WPA section. We mentioned namely a joint work with Eating Disorders Section. B Martindale is in charge of the first contacts with this section he knows. We also mentioned collaboration with the Classification Section or the Formation section.

  • Last but not least , the creation of the section will be widely announced ,in particular to the psychoanalytic societies. This task will be supported by the Survey, the Bulletin and the WPA web site. The section secretary will coordinate this wide diffusion.

M. Botbol - Directeur Médical
Clinique Dupré - B.P. 101
92333 Sceaux Cedex - France
Phone: 331 40 91 50 25
Mobile: 336 80 62 68 36
Fax: 331 40 91 50 41




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