Work Plan 2006 - 2008


In spite of the increasing awareness of the importance of psychophysiological techniques in the assessment of nervous system functions and dysfunctions, their use in clinical psychiatric settings remains limited. Patients with psychiatric disorders are often misdiagnosed and/or given treatments with adverse brain effects as no electrophysiological examination  is carried out.

The purposes of the Section are:

  1. to develop and disseminate the use of psychophysiological techniques in the study of neurobiological bases of psychiatric disorders, in clinical assessment of psychiatric patients and in monitoring of psychotropic drug treatment;
  2. to promote the collaboration among different groups actively working in this field.

To this aim, for  the next triennium the following activities are planned:

  1. The internet site of the section, recently created, will be expanded to include
    1. the membership application form
    2. the list of  members
    3. links to societies and initiatives relevant to the Section themes.
    4. development and regular update of a discussion forum on Psychophysiology
    5. development and regular update of a Section blog
  2. Development and dissemination of clinical applications of psychophysiological  techniques will be promoted by organizing Section symposia in WPA regional and international congresses, as well as CME courses in national and international congresses of Psychiatry.
  3. The collaboration among groups active in the field of Psychophysiology will be promoted through: 1) involvement of the Section members in the boards and in the activities of other scientific societies, in particular International Organization of Psychophysiology (IOP), International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography (ISBET), International Pharmaco-EEG Society (IPEG), EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society (ECNS); 2) recruitment of new members among those of the above mentioned societies.
  4. The collaboration with the WPA section for Neuroimaging will be promoted: recent research has stressed the importance and the potential of integrating psychophysiological  (high temporal resolution) and neuroimaging techniques (high spatial resolution) in the study of psychiatric disorders.
  5. In line with the recommendations of the Secretary of Sections, in the last meeting of the Section (WPA World Congress in Cairo), it was deliberated to propose the merging the WPA Sections on Psychophysiology and Psychoneurobiology. To this aim, the Chair of the Section will consult with the officers of the Psychoneurobiology Section, to plan a joint meeting at the next WPA world congress.




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