Purpose of the sections

The Sections are the scientific backbone of the WPA. They cover practically every aspect of psychiatry and enjoy a great degree of independence within the framework of the WPA Statutes and By-Laws under the supervision and guidance of the Secretary for Sections.

The Sections hold elections every three years to elect Chair, Co-chair, and Secretary as well as five more committee members. Clustering of Sections, on the basis of common interest and activities, is encouraged. The purpose of the clusters of Sections is to promote collaboration among Sections, produce consensus or position statements, organize joint research and collaborate in joint scientific activities within meetings organized by the WPA and by other scientific organizations. The activity and productivity of each Section (e.g. symposia, publications, educational programs and consensus statements) are subject to evaluation by the Secretary for Sections and the Executive Committee.

More specifically, the purposes of the Sections, in accordance with item 29 of the existing By-Laws, follow:

  1. The collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of information concerning services, research and training in the various fields of psychiatry and mental health and the advancement of scientific knowledge in these fields;
  2. The Sections will achieve this purposes by the:
    1. Establishment of working relations with national and international organizations sharing the goals of the WPA in the field of the Section, with a view to achieving better coordination of activities of interest to the Section and the WPA;
    2. Organization of scientific meetings on topics of interest to the Section;
    3. Organization of Symposia dealing with the Section's specialty, at World Congresses of Psychiatry and other scientific meetings organized under the auspices of the WPA;
    4. Development of educational programs, guidelines and publications;
    5. Development of proposals for adoption as WPA consensus and position statements;
    6. Promotion and conduction of international collaborative research.




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