Letter from Prof. Ahmed Okasha, WPA President, to Levent Kuey, WPA Zone Representative (Zone 8)

Dear Dr. Kuey,

It was nice meeting you in Yokohama.

I am forwarding to you a copy of the message I sent to the President and Secretary of the Turkish Neuropsychiatric Association regarding the case of Dr. Alp Ayan, psychiatrist, member of the Turkish Human Rights foundation and prominent member of the WPA Section on the Psychological Consequences of Torture and Persecution. I am also attaching a copy of the letter I received from Inge Genefke and the statement released by the World Medical association. I would be obliged if you would follow up on the matter and keep me updated.


Prof. A. Okasha , M.D.,Ph.D , F.R.C.P., F.R.C., Psych., F.A.C.P
President World Psychiatric Association

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