May 2016
Letter from the WPA President (6 May 2016)

To: Presidents of National Associations

Dear Friends, dear Colleagues,


Past few months have been incredibly busy. WPA has launched a number of position statements. Two Round Table events have been held in the past two months in Bogota and in Guatemala City. Both of these addressed the burning issues of mental health of migrants. These led to Position statements (attached herewith for your records). There are 16 million migrants in Latin America raising a number of issues in the context of already inadequate resources.

1. I would be grateful if you could please circulate the link below as widely as possible to encourage your members to complete the WPA-Careif Survey on Wellbeing which should not take more than 15 minutes.

2. As significant amount of WPA income comes from meetings, the Executive Committee approved a proposal to focus more on location as well as quality of meetings. To achieve this WPA have appointed Kenes as core PCO for its meetings. Final discussions are taking place to confirm the contracts and the actual roles.

3. WPA have decided to appoint WPA Goodwill Ambassadors. The details of such a role are also attached herewith. I would suggest that your organisation may consider appointing National and International ambassadors. For International ambassadors for the WPA please do send a short statement and names who will be interested in pushing the agenda for mental health globally. Dr. Mohan Agashe who is a film maker, actor and a psychiatrist has been appointed a WPA Goodwill Ambassador. I look forward to further nominations and suggestions. People from all walks of life can be appointed.

4. I am also attaching a list of Public Education modules as developed by Public Education lead Dr. Avdesh Sharma and his team. He is willing to help organise public education workshops. These modules are available on the WPA web-site. Please feel free to contact Dr. Sharma directly for advice.

5. Please find attached herewith three WPA Position Statements – on Sexual Minorities, Medical Student recruitment and a statement on 5 Reasons to be a psychiatrist.

6. WPA-Lancet Commission has completed data collection and this is being analysed. We had nearly 2400 responses.

7. Preparations for the launch of Diploma in Psychiatry and a Diploma in Mental Health are in the final stages.

Best wishes.

Dinesh Bhugra, CBE

President, World Psychiatric Association

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