December 2016
Letter from the WPA President (14 December 2016)

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

This is the last message of this year. The year has passed so quickly.

1. The Second World Mind Matters Day on 5th September saw the launchof the WPA Report on Social Discrimination against individuals withmental illness. Following a survey of 193 member states of theUnited Nations not surprisingly wide-spread discrimination againstpeople with mental illness was observed. On 26th October, welaunched this report formally in the House of Lords in London. A Bill ofRights for people with mental illness was also launched. It has thesupport of 61 international organisations and if your organisation hasnot signed this please add your support. Norman Lamb, MP tabled anearly morning motion in the House of Commons seeking support forthe bill of Rights which garnered support of over a dozen members ofParliament. The logo above is the symbol of the social justicecampaign lasting all of next year. Please use it wherever you can.

Full details of the discrimination survey were published in a specialissue of International Review of Psychiatry volume 28(4). The contentsare available online.

On the International Children’s Day on 20th November, WPA launcheda Bill of Rights for children and young people. Developed by Dr GordanaMilavic and Professor Bennet Leventhal and colleagues, I am attachingthis for your reference. Please sign up to it as well.

2. In preparation for the World Congress in Berlin in October 2017, Iwould encourage your association to support medical students andearly career psychiatrists. There will be special academic tracks forthem to enjoy along with meeting senior leaders.

3. Three recent WPA Position Statements on environmentalsustainability, prevention of suicide and on high quality training areattached herewith for your information and wider disseminationwithin your organisation.

4. We had very successful round table meetings on violent radicalisation hosted by the WPA Collaborating Centre in London and another one on early Interventions in Psychiatry hosted by Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists. In September we held round tables in Dominican Republic and Mexico City on the subject of migration especially its impact on Latin American countries.

5. As agreed in the WPA Action Plan we have published papers translated from Spanish. Translations of seminal papers from Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin languages will be available in the next few months.

6. The work on setting up Diploma in Psychological Medicine aimed at psychiatrists continues apace and we hope to launch it next year. At the same time we are also developing Diploma in Mental Health for non-psychiatrists.

7. We are still looking for examples of good clinical practice so that we can learn from each other. I am attaching a few examples for your information. Please keep them coming.

8. I would like to draw your attention to the Appendices in the paper on Mental Health for Nations in the issue of International Review of Psychiatry with link as above.Please check the WPA web site regularly and get involved.Season’s Greetings to you and your loved ones and all stakeholders. Have a relaxing time over the holiday period.

Dinesh Bhugra, CBE

President, World Psychiatric Association

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