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The Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) has been formally registered on March 17th 2008 as a voluntary, nonprofit organization of professionals engaged in psychiatry: psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and psychiatry trainees as well as medical doctors employed in the mental health institutions across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Association is established for organized action to improve the popularization of medical and psychiatric science and practice, through the improvement of the work of psychiatrists.
Main objectives and activities of the Association are:

  • monitoring the development and achievements of psychiatric and related sciences and to introduce members with the achievements in improving their professional skills, to create material conditions for scientific research in psychiatry and related disciplines, to develop ethical principles, responsibility and awareness of members, in accordance with the Health Ethical Codex of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • to exchange experiences with relevant professional organizations and institutions in the world, in particularly with World Psychiatric Association (WPA), European Psychiatric Association (EPA) and regional professional associations;
  • exchange experiences with associations of psychiatric patients, their families and similar associations in the country and internationally;
  • to reduce stigma against mental health issues in general, in particular towards people with mental disorders as well as professionals in the field of mental health, and
  • maintaining accurate database.

In the last decade PABH became recognizable and respected national association with broad spectrum of national (organized 8 annual Symposia and 2 national Congresses, as well was co-organizer of all relevant psychiatric events in the country) and international (supports by the WPA and EPA, established collaboration with regional and other international organization. Main task in the future is development of broader spectrum of activities and more involvement in domestic and international professional and scientific activities.

Professor Marija Burgić-Radmanović, MD, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry, Department for Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka Mačvanska 17, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel.: +387 65 512 703  E-mail: mburgic@gmail.com

Secretary General:
Dr. Goran Račetović, MD, Primarius
Head, Community Mental Health Center-CMHC (Centar za zaštitu mentalnog zdravlja)
Kralja Aleksandra 23, 79000 Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel.: +387 65 536 724  Fax: +387 52 232 238 E-mail: gracetovic@yahoo.com  
Website of Member Society: www.upubih.com/eng/

E-mail of Member Society: upubih@upubih.com




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