January 2018
Association of Neurologists, Psychiatrists and Narcologists of Ukraine

Address: 46, Akademika Pavlova Street, 61068, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 57 738 33 87; +380 57 738 11 42  Fax: +380 57 738 33 87
E-mail: inpn@ukr.net  Website: www.inpn.org.ua      

President – Prof. Petro V. VOLOSHYN, MD, PhD, DMSc
Vice-President – Prof. Nataliya O. MARUTA, MD, PhD, DMSc
Vice-President – Prof. Igor V. LINSKIY, MD, PhD, DMSc
Vice-President and Treasurer – Prof. Tamara O. MISHCHENKO, MD, PhD, DMSc
Secretary General – Assoc.Prof. Oleksandr Ye. KUTIKOV, PhD, MSc, MAT

The Association of Neurologists, Psychiatrists and Narcologists of Ukraine was established in 1934. It is the oldest Ukrainian professional association in the fields of psychiatry, neurology, and allied professions.
Both scientists and practical physicians are members of the Association, which has 14 regional branches and individual members throughout Ukraine.
Since 1993, the Association has been publishing its quarterly journal “Ukrainian Bulletin of Psychoneurology” (“Ukrayinskyy Visnyk Psykhonevrologiyi”).
A very special feature of the Association is its integrated structure. This enables a developing and keeping strong interdisciplinary cooperation between psychiatrists, neurologists, addictologists, neuroscientists, medical psychologists, and other professionals as well as between scientific institutions, university departments and practical health service settings.
The main directions of activities of the Association:

  • comprehensive researches of nervous, mental, substance abuse and other dependence disorders;
  • development of treatment approaches and standards, their implementation into practical health care;
  • CME and educational activities in communities;
  • support for young scientists in the appropriate fields;
  • reforming of mental health services in Ukraine;
  • protection of patients’ and health professionals’ rights;
  • participation in elaboration of new laws concerning mental health.

International ties of the Association include a collaboration with other Member Societies within the WPA as well as cooperation within the framework of the European Psychiatric Association, European Academy of Neurology and the Psychiatric Association for Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
The Association gathers representatives from all regions of Ukraine on its conferences annually and on the National Congress of Neurologists, Psychiatrists, and Narcologists of Ukraine every 5 years.




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