February 2018
Emirates Society of Mental Health

Brief Background

The Emirates Society of Mental Health is a non-profit medical society established in 2012 under the umbrella of Emirates Medical Association comprising of Psychiatrists and Healthcare specialists who actively involves themselves in the management of Mental Health in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates Society of Mental Health is the primary body in the country responsible for the research, education, and information dissemination about the trends in Mental Health to medical and non-medical communities. The society regularly holds education programs including national conferences, international congress, forums, scientific meetings and workshops. These programs are catered for Mental Health Educators from different parts of the world who wants to update themselves in the recent studies conducted in the field of Psychiatry.

Main Focus

  • To improve the care of the mental disorder by sharing psychiatric knowledge, skills and practices.
  • To develop a body of experts in aiding the community in coping with mental illness.
  • To maintain the highest standards of professional psychiatric practice.
  • To generate awareness on the importance of Mental Health in adults and geriatrics in respect to region, culture, and tradition.
  • To educate the community about mental health disorders and the different methods of coping up in the society.
  • To contribute to the development of multifaceted guidelines relevant in the effective management of mental health among adults.
  • To promote the prevention of mental ill health and Research in the field of Psychiatry and Mental Health.
  • To enrich the mental health policy and services.
  • To enhance the International cooperation.


Board of Directors

President:  Dr Samia Abul

Vice President:  Dr Entisar BinHaider

Secretary General:  Dr Khwala AlMeer

Scientific Committee Chairperson:  Dr Alya AlMerri

Cultural Committee Chairperson:  Dr Mohamed Fayek





The Emirates Society of Mental Health has been actively participating in the organization of educational programs in the United Arab Emirates. As a relatively new society, ESMH has conducted numerous conferences and held awareness programs such as the recently concluded Walk for Mind (2017). The society help in development of mental health strategy, programmes, and legislation, Providing expert recommendations for leading bodies, health authorities and policy-makers to improve current mental health management and services.

The society initiates a program that primarily aims to break the stigma against mental health diseases through community awareness and education. As a vanguard for mental health and mental illness, ESMH underpins essential discussions in dispelling myths on mental diseases, stress management, medication awareness, and highlights the important role of family involvement on a patient’s journey to better health.

With the amount of support it garnered from local governing health authorities and international associations, the Emirates Society of Mental Health proactively plays a role in the promotion of mental health awareness in the diverse communities in the UAE through patient education, research, and community involvement. Each conference the society organizes features prevalent topics in the field of mental health, delivered by top-notch speakers who share the latest trends and most effective practices in delivering the highest quality of patient care.

The Emirates Society of Mental Health has made it its mission to improve the lives of those challenged with mental and behavioral illnesses and bridge the gap between mental health and communities. It also aims at increasing the training programs, evidence-based science and practice in the field of psychiatry on various aspects of mental health.




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