The Finnish Psychiatric Association

Fredrikinkatu 71 A 4
00100 Helsinki
E-mail: psy@psy.fi
Web Site: www.psy.fi


Our society was founded in 1913

Mission: The aim of the association is to promote scientific and professional activities of psychiatrists and to promote mental health work.

Most important functions: The Finnish Psychiatric Association organises educational meetings for psychiatrists and registrars twice a year. These meetings last for three days in a row and focus on current, important issues. Additionally the association organises training in psychotherapy (psychodynamic) and mental health care administration. The association comments relevant issues concerning psychiatry and public health. The association oversees and protects the interests of both patients with mental disorders as well as those of psychiatrists.

Organisation: Chairman Professor Matti Joukamaa , Secretary General MD, PhD Minna Valkonen-Korhonen

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