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The Hellenic Psychiatric Association (HPA) was founded in 1986 in Athens. HPA's mission is to promote the discipline of Psychiatry in Greece, to open lines of communication and encourage collaboration not only within psychiatry, but also with other medical, or psychiatry-related specialties. Among HPA's scopes is to promote and enhance excellence in psychiatric clinical practice in Greece, to assist in the prevention of mental illness, to protect the rights of the mentally ill and to promote education and research.


  • The main governing body of the HPA is the General Assembly, consisting of all HPA members. About 1000 psychiatrists are currently members of the HPA. Every two years, the General Assembly elects the members of the other governing bodies (executive council, disciplinary council, financial control committee).
  • HPA has three regional sections located in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa, and five scientific sections (Biological psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Psychophysiology, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy).
  • Currently, members of the Executive committee are: Chairman - G.N. Christodoulou, Vice-Chairman - G. Kaprinis, Secretary General - B. Alevizos, Treasurer - E. Lykouras; Members - S. Berati, J. Giouzepas and V. Tomaras.


  • The official Congress of the HPA is the "Pan-Hellenic Congress of Psychiatry", held regularly every two years, in a decentralized location in Greece.
  • HPA holds scientific activities of special interest and regional meetings in collaboration with regional medical organizations and communities, in order to advance the sensitization of non-psychiatric physicians regarding mental health issues, as well as to contribute to de-stigmatization of mental illness.
  • In collaboration with the Church of Greece, HPA organizes educational seminars on mental health for the clergy.
  • HPA organizes regional meetings and congresses in collaboration with international scientific organizations.
  • HPA allies and collaborates with other Balkan psychiatric associations, and organizes conferences to promote psychiatry and mental health policies in the Balkan region.
  • In collaboration with the University Psychiatric Departments and the Hellenic Association of Psychiatric Trainees, HPA runs regularly, throughout the academic year, an educational program in Psychiatry for Greek psychiatric trainees, updating their curriculum and promoting postgraduate psychiatric education.
  • HPA is the official counselor of the Greek Ministry of Health. It represents Greek Psychiatry and Greek psychiatrists in international organizations, and provides its expert opinion to national authorities and other medical or community organizations.
  • HPA produces the quarterly journal "Psychiatriki", as well as statements and other policy documents.
  • The scientific sections organize symposia and other scientific activities and the section on psychotherapy produces a Bulletin.
  • HPA represents Hellenic Psychiatry in international scientific fora like the World Psychiatric Association and the UEMS. Prof. G. Christodoulou, the current President of HPA is a member of the Executive Committee of the World Psychiatric Association, Prof. C. Soldatos is the Chair of the Section on Sleep and Professors A. Paraschos and A. Rabavilas are HPA representatives to the UEMS.




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