Indian Psychiatric Society Annual Report for 2003-2004 dt 7 Jan 2004

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Indian Psychiatric Society is a registered body from 1947 under Society Registration Act of Government of India.
It has a Valid Constitution and as per its provision it has five zones and many Sates and local branches.

Annual Report for 2003-2004 dt 7 Jan 2004

Dear President, Fellows and Members,

My warm regards and New Year greetings to everyone of you. It is my pleasant duty to present before you the annual report of IPS for 2003-04. At the outset, let me express my gratitude and sincere thanks to all the Fellows and Members of our Society for their confidence in me, and for the help and support which was extended to me always. During the past one year, our Society has witnessed remarkable growth in membership and had a great deal of activities and achievements.

  1. ANCIPS 2003- A Grand Success: The 55th Annual Conference of the Society was held at Hyderabad from 9-12 January, 2003. It was a very memorable IPS Conference, attended by more than 1500 delegates. The Annual CME held on the first day, 9th Jan 03 was marked by the very good attendance. In the evening the Conference was formally inaugurated by Justice Ashok A Desai, Hon Chief Justice, High Court of Uttaranchal. T. Devendar Goud, Home Minister , AP delivered a special message. Dr V Palaniappun installed Dr R Ponnudurai as the new President of IPS. Award sessions, free papers, poster presentations, symposia,and focussed workshops were the highlights of the Conference. The Org Chairman Dr P Raghurami Reddy and his devoted team of organizing committee worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the conference.They were ably assisted by many other Fellows like AK Saxena, K Narasimha Reddy, K Ashok Reddy, G Prasad Rao and many others. Our members left the conference with memories they would cherish for a long time.
  2. Executive Council Meetings: were held at Hyderabad on January 12th,at Mysore on April 6th, at Gangtok on September 12th, at Tirupati on 17th October last year and now at Mysore on 7th January, 2004. There was good participation and much useful deliberations at these meetings.
  3. PILs before Supreme Court: IPS has successfully impleaded in the PILs WP-Civil No 334 and WP-Civil No 562 of 2001, before the Hon Supreme Court of India. We have constituted a task force with Nimesh Desai as Chairman and Rajesh Nagpal as convenor. They were in constant touch with us and they have done tremendous work. The last SC hearing took place on 15th December 03 and our senior consel PPRao has been asked to submit a detailed affidavit by 15th January 2004. N Desai and R Nagpal report, our efforts in interacing with the amicus curiae has been successful and many of our opinions are reflected in the views expressed by them but much more needs to be done.
  4. Scientific Programme Committee: met at Tirupati on 18th October and at Kolkata on 8th November, 2003. Dr Ponnudurai, Roy Abraham and JK Trivedi participated. The meeting decided the general programme for ANCIPS 2004 at Mysore.
  5. South Asia Forum of Psychiatry: Conference was held at Colombo from 17-20 Aug, 2003. President Ponnudurai, JK Trivedi, E Mohandas, Gen Secretary and many other invited Fellows attended the meeting. It was proposed by many members to form an Asian Psychiatric Federation and a SAARC Psychiatric Federation. Juan E Mezzich, President-elect WPA, who was present was supportive of both these proposals.
  6. National Midterm CME, Gangtok: was held on September 13th and 14th, 2003. The theme was “Psycho-pharmacology in Special Population in the New Millennium”. There was a record attendance -nearly 250 registrations. Shri PK Chamling, Chief Minister of Sikkim inaugurated the programme. It was one of the best academic progrmmes organized by IPS during the year. I wish to specially congratulate Dr E Mohandas, Chairman CME Committee, Prabir Paul, Secretary, IPS East Zone and IL Sharma, Org Secretary for this remarkable event.
  7. World Mental Health Week: was celebrated by IPS in a most befitting manner. “Emotional and Behavioural Disorders of Children and Adolescents” was the theme . IPS National level celebrations were held at Chennai on Oct 10th and was formally inaugurated by Thiru D Jayakumar, Hon Minister for Law, Tamil Nadu. Dr M Thirunavukarasu was the Org Secretary. A panel discussion on “ Society and mental illness – Changing scenario” was organized at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, by IPS North Zone, org secretary N Desai. Public meeting, Seminar and Symposium were organized at Kottaym on Oct 10th, under the auspices of the Office of IPS and was inaugurated by Dr N Ravindranath, Pro Vice Chancellor, MG University, org secretary Varghese P Punnoose. IPS East Zone led celebrations were held at India Science Congress auditorium, Kolkata, org secretary Prabir Paul. Dr Manilal Gada- Mumbai, Dr Badhur Mohideen-Chennai, Dr N Dinesh- Cochin, TR Deivasigamni- Madurai, Jitendra Nanavala- Surat and many other Fellows and members led the celebrations in various parts of the country.
  8. IPS Zonal Branch activities:

    North Zone branch: President- Nimesh Desai, Secretary- Lalit Batra

    The 28th annual conference was held at Jaipur on 11-12 Oct 03. The theme was “ Mental health movement towards stress-free Society”. The Zone had several academic, organistioanal and public awareness activities. Mid term CME was held at Sriganganagar on 30th March, 03, organized by RC Sidana.The new office bearers are: Rajeev Gupta- President, RK Solanki-Vice President, Lalit Batra- Secretary, RA Singh- Editor and RK Chadda and AK Vohra- IPS Coucil members.

    West Zone branch: President-GM Bang, Secretary- Jitendra Nanawala.

    The 34th annual conference was held at Mumbai on 11-12 Oct 03, organized by Harish Shetty and was attended by more than 250 delegates. 12th mid term CME was held at Aurangabad and had excellent participation. The new office bearers are: Hemangee S Dhavale- President, DM Dhavale- Vice President, J Nanawala- Secretary, Kaushik Gupte- Treasurer, A Shrivastava- Editor and GM Bang and Mukesh Jagiwala- IPS Council members.

    South Zone branch: President –Mohan Issac, Secretary- TV Asokan.

    The annual conference was held at Tirupati on Oct 17-19, 2003 under the stewardship of TP Sudhakar. The theme was “Shaping the future- working with adolescence”. Prof James T. Antony delivered the Visakha Oration. The 8th PG training progrmme was organized at Mangalore by Dr K Krishnamurthy in June, 03 which was very well attended. The new office bearers are : Dr NV Ramana Rao – President, OK Narayanankutty- Vice President, P Joseph Varghese- Secretary, Remanan Earat & Joseph Varghese- IPS Council members.

    Central Zone branch: President- PN Shukla, Acting Secretary- Shashi Rai

    The 25th annual conference- CIPCON- was held at Lucknow, on 10-11 Oct, 03 organised by Dr Hemant Naidu A symposium on Geriatric Psychiatry was held at Raipur in Feb 03 and a workshop on addictive behaviour was held at Durg in Aug 03. The new office bearers are: PK Chaturvedi- President, PK Dalal- Vice President, S Gupta- Secretary, Shashi Rai- Editor, PK Joel- Treasurer and Dr Sarvesh Chandra & Nand Kishore- IPS Council members.

    East Zone branch: President – BK Singh, Secretary- Prabir Paul

    The 29th annual conference was held at Agartala on 18-19 Oct 03, organized by Bhubaneswar Roy. The theme was “ Terrorism and mental health”. Prof AK Agarwal was the guest of honour. 6th Midterm was held at CIP Ranchi on 17th May 03. The new office bearers are: President – Topan Pati, Vice President- SP Mukherjee, Secretary- Prabir Paul, Treasurer – Asim Kumar Mullick, Editor- Vinay Kumar and IPS Council members – D Bhagbati & RR Ghosh Roy.

  9. IPS Committees: Award committee chairman Prof AK Agarwal meticulously looked after the assessment and acceptance of various IPS awards entries. Vihang Vahia, Chairman, International affairs committee has successfully organized ‘ The Sammelan’ – a joint presentation by IPS , BIPA and AIPA faculty- on 9th Jan 03, which is for the first time ever. Joseph Varghese, Chairman , Constitution committee provided advice on several constitutional matters. AK Kala, Parliamentary Committee, Manilal Gada- Ethics, Harjeet Singh- Membership, G Bhagya Rao- Mental Hospitals, P Raghurami Reddy- Finance and Mohan Issac- Psychiatric education have all contributed to the growth of our Society.
  10. Speciality Sections: Forensic Psychiatry Section with S Nambi and Kuruvilla Thomas organized a National seminar on Mental Health Legislation at Cochin on 25th May 03 which was inaugurated by Chief Justice JL Gupta of Kerala High Court. Biological Psychiatry Section with AB Ghosh and UC Garg organised a national seminar at Kolkata on 8th November, 03 which was presided by IPS President R Ponnudurai. Geriatric Psychiatry Section with RK Chadda and KS Shaji organized the 6th national conference on Geriatic Psychiatry at Trichur, in which Prof A Venkoba Rao delivered a guest lecture. Military Section with Brig MSVK Raju and Col SK Salujha, Child Section with P Sitholey and PK Singh, Rehabilitation with Ravi Abhyankar and VD Krishnaram, Community with I Ramasubba Reddy and RR Patel and Private Psychiatry Section with Topan Pati and Karri Rama Reddy also did very good work during this year.
  11. Membership: One of the achievements this year was the increase in membership which has risen from 2575 to 2751. Our Treasurer KS Ayyar has workded very hard for this.
  12. Indian Journal of Psychiatry: It is reported that the Editor Utpal Goswami is now abroad.
  13. IPS and BIPA: Gen Secretary held discussion with BIPA office-bearers at Birmingham on 7th May, 2003. Later BIPA invited IPS President and Gen Secreatry to their annual conference at London on 12-13 July. President Ponnudurai attended and addressed the meeting.
  14. International Conf on Schizophrenia- ICONS: is being held at Chennai from Jan 29 to Feb 2, 2004 with R Thara as the Org Secretary. IPS is co sponsoring this major event.
  15. ANCIPS 2004, Mysore: This is the 56th Annual Conference of IPS, we are holding here from Jan 8-11, 2004. Dr TSS Rao and his team has done outstanding work, with their commitment , devotion and untiring hardwork. I wish to place on record, all instructions from IPS office was meticulously carried out by them and my hearty appreciation to all members of the org committee.
  16. Conclusion: I am obliged to our President Dr R Ponnudurai, Vice President JK Trivedi, Treasurer KS Ayyar, Prof KA Kumar, V Palaniappun, S Nambi, Asst Secretary Varghese P Punnoose and all members of the EC and all office bearers for their help and guidance. Our Fellows and members have supported me and encouraged me always which has kept me going ahead in my assignment which is really tough indeed. Looking forward to your guidance in all matters,
    Yours in IPS

    Roy Abraham Kallivayalil

    Gen Secretary,IPS,
    Medical College, Kottayam 686008
    Tel: 04822 200200 & 210799
    Cell: 94470 20020




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