Indian Psychiatric Society Annual Report for 2005-2006

India FlagDear Colleagues,

It is my pleasant duty to present before you the annual report of IPS for 2005-06. At the outset, let me express my gratitude and sincere thanks to all the Fellows and Members of our Society for their confidence in us, and for the help and support which was extended to us always. During the past one year, our Society has witnessed growth in membership and had a remarkable period of activities and achievements.

ANCIPS 2005- Chandigarh: A Grand Success :The 57th Annual Conference of IPS held at Chandigarh from Jan 29- Feb 1, was a grand success. More than 2000 delegates participated. Prof NN Wig inaugurated the CME Progrmme on 28th Jan,which was addressed also by Prof Mike Shooter, President of Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. ANCIPS was formally inaugurated by Gen SF Rodrigues, Governor of Punjab. A full day CME, Award Sessions, Guest Lectures, Symposia, Workshops, Panel discussions, Theme Session, "The Sammelan", a Certificate course on ECT, Free papers, Posters, SAARC Sessions etc were the main highlights. Prof Abdul Malik, President SAARC Psychiatric Federation was the Chief Guest for the valedictory function which was also addressed by George Christodoulou,Secretary, Sections,WPA. I would like to place on record our immense appreciation to the Org. committee led by P Kulhara and Ajit Avasthi for the excellent arrangements.

S Nambi took over as President, AB Ghosh- Vice President, Asim Kumar Mallick- Treasurer and Nimesh Desai as the new Editor. Vinay Kumar and UC Garg were elected to the Council. P Kulhara, R Sathianathen, AK Agarwal, Vihang Vahia, RR Ghosh Roy, P Joseph Varghese, TSS Rao, PK Chaturvedi, Ramanan Earat and Sailen Deuri were appointed as Chairmen of IPS Committees. Chairmen and Convenors have been appointed for Speciality Sections and Task Forces

Executive Council Meetings: were held at Chandigarh on 1 Feb 05, at Mumbai on 17th April, at Goa on 27th Aug, at Calicut on 15 Oct, at Kolkata on 12 Nov and at Agra on 2 Dec 2005. There was good participation and much useful deliberations at these meetings.

Scientific Programme Committee: met at Kolkata on 12 Nov 05. President, Gen Secretary and Editor are the members. The meetings and discussions decided the general programme for ANCIPS 2006 at Mumbai.

IPS Committees: Award committee chairman Prof P Kulhara meticulously looked after the assessment and acceptance of various IPS awards entries. A National Seminar on "Quality of Mental Health and Legal Issues" was organised at Hyderabad on 10 Dec 05 by the Mental Hospitals Committee led by Sailen Deuri, organised by G Prasad Rao. There is a considerable increase in membership due to the initiative of the committee led by R Ghosh Roy. Finance Committee led by Joseph Varghese has studied the IT matters of the Sociey carefully. Constitution committee led by Remanan Earat, International affairs committee led by Vihang Vahia, Parliamentary committee led by PK Chaturvedi, CME committee led by R Sathianathen, Ethics committee led by Prof AK Agarwal, Psychiatric Education committee led by TSS Rao have all contributed to the growth of our Society.

Speciality Sections: All the Speciality Sections were active this year. A National Symposium on Geriatric Psychiatry - Geron 2006- was organised at Mumbai by the Geriatric Psychiatry Section led by Charles Pinto and KS Shaji. Theme " Mental Health and Management issues in Geriatric Psychiatry: State of the Art".

IPS Task Forces: Publication of Clinical Practice Guidelines 2nd Vol: by the task force on the subject is one of the notable achievements of the year. National Workshop on Clinical Practice Guidelines: was held on 6-7 August,2005 at Jaipur under the leadership of Shiv Gautam and A Avasthi. Our hearty congratulations to them. CPG on sexual dysfunctions, alcohol dependence, opiate dependence, other substance use and sleep disorders is being publised. Direct referrals to clinical psychologists: The task force led by R Ponnudurai had submitted the report which was accepted by our annual EC meeting and AGBM at Chandigarh. We have now taken up the matter with the Rehabilitation Council of India. A letter was received from RCI, for which we have given a detailed reply. We have also written to the President and Secretary of Medical Council of India, Secretary Ministry of SJE and Secretary Health, Govt of India. We express our appreciation to Past President R Ponnudurai and members of the task force for painstakingly studying the issue and making a comprehensive report. Task force on website ( Savita Malhotra-Chairperson) has launched our new website Vital information on IPS and its activities is available on the website and it is being updated reggularly. PILs before Supreme Court: IPS has successfully impleaded in the PILs WP-Civil No 334 and WP-Civil No 562 of 2001, before the Hon Supreme Court of India. The Chairman and convenor of the task force N Desai and R Nagpal are monitoring all developments. Task Force on Mental Health Legislation led by AK Kala has done much good work and has recommended, "A drafting committee (3-4 members) be constituted with one year term, to draw an outline of a new act. This will act as a position paper and vision document of IPS in any interaction with the government and other stakeholders. Another committee be constituted to suggest changes in the current act through changes in norms or any other measures". Task Force on IPS HQ led by Avdesh Sharma is exploring all options on this.

Consultation meeting with Union Ministry of Health: Our President S Nambi and Editor Nimesh Desai attended this meeting held at New Delhi on 6 July, 05 to discuss issues like CME and public private partnership in the light of the recently launched National Rural Health Mission.

National Mid term CME, Goa:27-28 August 2005: was organized in a grand manner. There was very good attendance and excellent participation by the delegates. It was one of the best academic programmes organized by IPS during the year. Our hearty appreciation to CME Chairman R Sathianathen and the org committee led by Pai Kakode, Rajesh Dhume and their dedicated team. Theme: "Promoting adolescent mental health".

ANCIPS 2006, Mumbai is being held from January 5- 8 , 2006 and is being ably organized by Manilal Gada,KS Ayyar and their team. Theme: "Taking Psychiatry to the People". This is one of the largest annual conferences ever. CME session, Memorial Lectures, Award sessions, symposia, panel discussions, workshops, free parpers, poster sessions are some of the highlights. Grand cultural events have also been organised. Our congratulations KS Ayyar and his dedicated team.

World Mental Health Day-Oct 10 and mental health week (Oct 4-10): All the zones and state branches and several local branches have organized special events during the period. The theme is "Mental and physical health across the life span".

World Congress of Psychiatry, Cairo 10-15 Sept 2005: We were represented by the largest number of delegates from India ever. For the first time, IPS had a Special Stall in the Congress and IPS presented a symposium on, "Perspectives in South Asian Psychiatry : Indian view point ". President S Nambi, JK Trivedi, VK Varma, Roy Abraham K and TSS Rao presented papers in this symposium.

Five IPS Members Selected for World Congress Cairo Fellowships: Five IPS Members were selected for the prestigious Fellowships at the 13th World Congress of Psychiatry, Cairo, September 2005, which is the largest number so far. This selection has been made by the World Congress Fellowship Commmittee on the basis of merit from among a large number of young applicants (below 40 years) worldwide. This is a remarkable achievement and hearty congratulations to the following members who were selected for this honour: 1. Sumeet Gupta (Gwalior) 2.Varghese P Punnoose (Kottayam) 3. Sharita Shah (Mumbai) 4. Rajul Tandon (Lucknow) and 5. VK Aravind (Madurai).

Zonal Branches: 38th IPS South Zone Conference was held at Calicut, 14-16 Oct, 2005. The theme was "Psychopharmacology". K Sivaramakrishnan was the Org Secretary. 10th PG training programme was held at Visakh on 11-12 June 2005. Org Secretary- G Bhagya Rao. 30th IPS North Zone conference was held at Patiala on 15-16 October. Theme: "Challenges for mental health professionals in the 21st century". Annual CME was held at Rohtak on 8 May 05, theme "Rehabilitation in Psychiatry". IPS West Zone conference was held at Vadodara, 7-9 Oct, 05.Org Secretary- IR Rajkumar. Theme:
IPS East Zone: Midterm CME was held at Dibrugarh 12-13 June, theme "Psychosexual disorders".31st Annual Conf was held at Bokaro Steel City, 22-23 Oct, 05. Theme: "Controversies in Psychiatry". IPS Central Zone :27th Annual conference was held at Varanasi on 21-22 October. Theme- "Emerging challenges in Psychiatry". Org Secretary- Sanjay Gupta.

IPS Zonal Branch Presidents, Secretaries and National EC Members ( 2005-06)
The following are the new Zonal Branch office bearers and they have assumed office during the respective Zonal Conferences: Our hearty congratulations to the new office-bearers.

North Zone: President- Dr BS Chavan(Chandigarh), Secretary- Dr Lalit Batra(Jaipur)
South Zone: President- Dr R Sathianathen(Chennai), Secretary- Dr Abhay Matkar(Hubli)
East Zone: President- Dr Jiban Chakraborty(Agartala) Secretary- Dr PK Mohapatra (Cuttack)
West Zone: President- Dr SM Amin(Surat) Secretary- Dr Jitendra Nanawala(Surat)
Central Zone:President- Dr Madhukar( Faizabad), Secretary- Dr Sanjay Gupta(Varanasi).

Zonal Representatives to National EC
North Zone: Dr Roop Sidana( Sriganganagar) & Dr VD Meel (Sikar)
South Zone: Dr Abhay Matkar(Hubli) & Dr G Swaminath (Bangalore)
East Zone: Dr Prabir Paul (Kolkata)& Dr PK Singh (Patna)
West Zone: Dr Govind M Bang(Nagpur)& Dr Mukesh P Jagiwala( Surat)
Central Zone:Dr Sarvesh Chandra(Bareilly) & Dr PN Shukla(Raipur)

IPS Membership in WPA Rises to 1750 : IPS membership in World Psychiatric Association has risen to 1750 from 100. We have paid all the necessary dues to WPA secretariat and our increase in membership has been approved by the WPA. I would like to place on record the commitment and timely action by our treasurer Asim Mallick in this regard. The voting strength of a member Society depends on its membership. As you would see, with a huge membership increase, Indian Psychiatric Society will be able to play an increasingly influential role in WPA.

IPS and WPA: JK Trivedi was elected as the WPA Representative for Zone 16- South Asia. This is the first time, one of our Fellows has been elected to this prestigious post and our hearty congratulations to him. We thank WPA President Juan Mezzich IPP Ahmed Okasha, President-elect Mario Maj, Secretay General Johh Cox, Secretaries Pedro Ruiz, Allan Tasman and Helen Herrman , George Christodoulou and others for their constant support and help.

IPS and WFMH: We have been elected as a voting member of the World Federation for Mental Health. This is another landmark in our international collaboration.

1st Conference of SAARC Psychiatric Federation, Agra: A Grand Success : The First Conference of SAARC Psychiatric Federation, Agra 2-4 Dec 2005 organised in collaboration with IPS was a grand success. Theme: "Mental Health in South Asia Region- Problems and Priorities". Number of attendees- 340. The countries represented include India, Pakistan (with 37 delegates), Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA, Greece and Canada. The CME Programme was inaugurated by Prof NN Wig on 2nd Dec. WPA President Prof Juan E Mezzich was the Chief Guest and he inaugurated the Conference at Hotel Mughal Sheraton on 3rd December, which was presided by Prof Abdul Malik, President SPF. S Nambi (President IPS) welcomed the gathering and Sec General, SPF read the report. Sri. Ramjilal Suman M.P., WPA Representatives-JK Trivedi, Haroon Rashid Choudhry (Pakistan), Bruce Singh(Australia) and others spoke.
We place on record our deepest appreciation to UC Garg, Organising Secretary and his dedicated team who worked meticulously and tirelessly for the success of this International event. It is worthwhile to note, this conference was co-sponsored by WPA and 18 WPA CME Credits were awarded to the delegates.

SAARC Psychiatric Federation is admitted as Affiliated Association of WPA: The General Assembly of World Psychiatric Association meeting at Cairo on 12 September, 2005 had approved our affiliation unanimously. This is a giant step in the growth of our Federation and a matter of great joy for all, especially for South Asia.

IPS and IT matters: Gen Secretary appeared before the Commissioner of Income Tax IV Sri T Jayasankar IRS at Chennai on 21 June 05 to discuss our IT matters. IPS is now required to file IT returns for the previous years and the IT office has promised to extend all help for the continuation of 80G benefits. We have been allotted PAN: AAATI4608Q.

Membership: One of the achievements this year was the increase in membership which has risen from 2900 to Our Treasurer Asim Kumar Mallik has worked very hard for this.

Indian Journal of Psychiatry: is being published by our Editor Nimesh G Desai and a separate report is being presentd by Editor.

Conclusion: I am indebted to our outgoing President Dr S Nambi for his leadership, support and understanding. I am obliged to our incoming President Prof AB Ghosh and IPP Prof JK Trived who have helped and supported me always. I am grateful to our Treasurer Asim Mallick, Editor Nimesh Desai, Asst Secretary Varghese P Punnoose and all members of the EC and all office bearers for their help and guidance. Finally, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to all our Fellows and members, the Executive Council and fellow office-bearers for the help, guidance and coperation extended to me during my tenure as your Gen Secretary. As you know, I am laying down office after four years (2002-06) now . Although it was hard and strenous work, my job was made pleasant by the constant support and encouragement given to me by all of you. It was a privilege for me to work with four Presidents- Dr V Palaniappun, Dr R Ponnudurai, Dr JK Trivedi and Dr S Nambi and I am especially grateful to them Our Fellows and members have supported me and encouraged me always which has kept me going ahead. Looking forward to your guidance in all matters, Yours in IPS.

Roy Abraham Kallivayalil
Gen Secretary, Indian Psychiatric Society
Professor of Psychiatry, Medical College, Trichur -680 596
Tel 04822 200200 & 210799, 0487-3093883 Mob 094470 20020




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