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The Israel Psychiatric Association became an independent association in 1972 when it broke away from the joint Association of Neurology and Psychiatry.
The Association is part of the Israel Medical Association and operates in accordance with its rules and bylaws. The Association is one of the five major associations in the IMA and is represented in IMA’s various institutions including the Scientific Council.

There are four branches of the Psychiatric Association - Jerusalem, Be’er-Sheva, Tel-Aviv, and Haifa, and each has its own professional and scientific agenda. Each branch has three to four seminars per year on various topics. Representatives from the branches serve on the central committee of the association, which is responsible for national seminars and the national congress that takes place once in three years. The central committee determines the professional positions within the association and represents psychiatry in all domains outside the association. The chairperson of the association is chosen in the general assembly and serves a three-year term as the chairperson elect and then automatically becomes chairperson for the next three years. The central committee chooses the secretary and treasurer as well as the scientific, education, ethics and additional committees.

Lately, the association actively organized seminars for its members on current topics, including innovating and updating the curriculum for residents in psychiatry, changing psychiatric legislation in Israel in order to transfer the authority for determination of involuntary hospitalization to the courts (except for emergency situations), and establishing principles for reform in psychiatry in Israel. The guidelines of the association have been updated. The Association also manages the internet site in Hebrew. In addition, the Association publishes the Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences, 3-4 issues per year.

The Association encourages research and quality professional activities and thus awards prizes to outstanding researchers and research teams. Representatives of the association participate in discussion forums and actively lobby for politically related professional causes in the Knesset, within the framework of the Israel Medical Association.

The specialization program of physicians is directed by the Scientific Council of the IMA and the Psychiatric Association takes an active role therein.

964 psychiatrists are registered in the Ministry of Health of whom 500 are active members in the Association.




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