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The Norwegian Psychiatric Association is a specialist association within the Norwegian Medical Association.

  • Who can join?
    • Members of the Norwegian Medical Association who are training to become, or already are, psychiatrists. We are currently, in June 2007, some 1400 members.
  • What are the tasks of the association?
    • To raise awareness of the importance of psychiatry in the society
    • To promote the development of psychiatry both in practice and scientifically
    • To secure the professional interest and development of the members
    • To assist the members with advise in matters of psychiatry and policy
    • To promote cooperation and communication between the members
    • To work towards more cooperation with other professions and patient associations
    • To bring to light the speciality’s biological, psychological and cultural foundations
    • To work for improved and optimal mental health care for psychiatric patients throughout their lives
    • To promote the interests of our patients and the profession, reduce prejudices and work against stigmatisation of this vulnerable patient group
  • How does the association work?
    • The association comprises leader and eight board members. They are elected at the annual meeting where all members have the right to vote.
    • The association also works through the speciality committee and the working committee for psychotherapy
    • The speciality committee
      • Monitors the rules and regulations for becoming a psychiatrist
      • Arranges compulsory courses for trainees
      • Evaluates and recommends for the Norwegian Medical Association who can be recognised as a qualified psychiatrist and approves new wards as suitable for trainees
    • The working committee for psychotherapy
      • Suggests and recommends new supervisors in psychotherapy for the Norwegian Medical Association
      • Initiated and overlooks further training in family therapy, group psychotherapy and cognitive therapy
  • The association can also establish working groups in areas that needs extra attention.
    • The working groups can be permanent or more on a need be basis. Mandate and members of the groups are decided upon at the annual meeting.
    • The association is in constant dialogue with the relevant authorities (Medical Association, Ministry of Health and other relevant bodies)
    • The association is an important body entitled to comment and a supplier of terms towards the Norwegian Medical Association and other official authorities
    • The associations most important contact with its members is at the annual meeting
    • The board is also staying in touch with the members at courses, seminars and regional meetings the association is arranging.
  • Publications
    • “Psykiateren” (“The Psychiatrist”) four times a year both in paper version and online pdf-file
  • History
    • The Norwegian Psychiatric Association was founded on the 12th of September 1907 and we are celebrating our 100th anniversary in September 2007.




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