Dr Otto W. Steenfeldt - Foss, M.D., M.P.H.

Portrait of 2005 Jean Delay Prize winner

Director and Physician in Chief of University Health Services of Oslo e.m.

Born Oslo, Norway 27.10.31

MD.University of Bergen 1958,General clinical and specialty training ending as Psychiatrist-in-Chief Oslo City University Hospitals Ullevål and Dikemark.

Board certified Specialist in community medicine, general medicine and psychiatry.

Certified Supervisor in general medicine and psychotherapy/Lecturer University of Oslo and Sensor.

WHO-Fellow and Master of Public Health Harvard University and functioning Mentor Harvard.

Director of Mental Health Services of Norway and periodically acting Director General of Public Health in the Ministry of Health & Social Affairs 1974-1980.

Director and Physician in Chief University Health Services of Oslo 1980-2001.

Practising Specialist/Lecturer/Supervisor/offical Council Member various committees, past and present:

  • Chair National Governmental Advisory Board on Psychiatry
  • Chair National Institute for Hospital Research
  • Member Norwegian Medical Research Council
  • Chair Norwegian Medical Research Council for Psychiatry
  • Member National Board of The Norwegian Medical Association
  • President of The Norwegian Psychiatric Association
  • Founder and Past Chair Norwegian Medical Association’s Committee on Human Rights
  • Member Human Rights Committee of The University of Oslo
  • Member Nordic Psychiatric Joint Committee
  • Psychiatric Advisor to the Nordic interparliamentary delegation on Human Rights to the Soviet Union/Russia
  • Member Balticum Committee of the Nordic psychiatric associations
  • Psychiatric consultant to the Norwegian Relief Program to Rumania
  • Member Human Rights consulting committee to the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Consultant mental Health WHO (since 1970)
  • Member WPA committees on psychotherapy/core-curriculum/education
  • Co-chair/member WPA standing Review Committee
  • Chair WPA task force/educational delegation to China
  • Member Scientific Committees of WPA World Congresses since 1996
  • Honorary Member WPA
  • Honorary Member Norwegian Psychiatric Association
  • Honorary Member International Advisory Board of European University Center for Mental Health & Human Rights
  • Member US President`Ad hoc Advisory Committee on Mental Retardation
  • Consultant to the Royal Spanish Ministry of Health on the National psychiatric Reform
  • Consultant to the City Governemnt of Vienna on psychiatric planning
  • Consultant to the City Government of Rotterdam on psychiatric planning
  • Board member European Union of University health and Medicine
  • Memorial Gold medal of Medical Faculty,Univeristy of Oslo
  • Memorial Prize Director Dr. H.Frøshaug of Dikemark Hospital
  • Memorial Prize Director Dr. G.Johnsen of Modum psychiatric Clinic
  • Royal Knight of St.Olav to The Kingdom of Norway
  • Multiple publications on clinical,social-psychiatric, psychopharmacolocial and human rights issues.

Present and future plans for contribution to psychiatry:

Dr. Steenfeldt-Foss background on clinical, scientific and administrative experience based on the bio-psycho-social holistic frame of reference, gives him an unique challenge and opportunities to continue his work for securing the dignity and human rights for the individual suffering patient as well as society. Through practical experience from the war time, on-site, in former Yugoslavia, from the Soviet Union,Balticum and Turkey, latest through the WPA-China Issue, has strengthened his belief on conflict resolution through positive expectations, reciprocal respect and dialogue. Members of the medical profession and especially of psychiatry, have a key role in reestablishing respect for human rights, reestablishing dialogue and resolving differences within groups/nations, regardless of political, religious, ethnic or social backgrounds!




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