Zone 5 Report

Zone 5: Southern South America

Portrait of Zone 4 RepresentativeProf. Dr. Roger Montenegro
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  • Association of Argentinean Psychiatrists (APSA)
  • Argentinean Association of Psychiatrists (AAP)
  • Foundation for Interdisciplinary Investigation of Communication (FINTECO)
  • Brazilian Association of Psychiatry (ABP)
  • Psychiatric Association of Rio de Janeiro State (APERJ)
  • Society of Psychiatry of Rio Grande do Sul (SPRS)
  • Society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery of Chile (SNPN)
  • Paraguayan Society of Psychiatry (SPP)
  • Society of Psychiatry of Uruguay (SPU)


WPA Southern South America Zone is a region of five countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay) with around 230 million people (170 million just in Brazil) and 15,000 psychiatrists, most of them in urban areas. Countries in the zone range from low to high middle income but income distribution inside each country is unfair. Around 8% of the Gross Domestic Product is expended in health and from the total amount expended in health less than 2.5% is aimed to mental health. There are large disparities in health services available to rich and poor people and also on educational resources related to psychiatric training among different countries or in different regions of each particular country.


  • To promote and support initiatives aimed to better inform the public on different mental health issues and also to fight stigma and discrimination against patients and families.
  • To promote and support initiatives aimed to offer adequate medical undergraduate training in order to prepare general practitioners to deal with the most common mental disorders.
  • To promote and support initiatives aimed to provide training and continuous education on diagnosis and treatment intervention to psychiatrists and also to other mental health professionals.
  • To promote and support initiatives aimed to organize regional congresses and other scientific meetings.
  • To promote better communication among WPA member societies inside and outside the zone 5 as well as among WPA zone 5 member societies to other WPA components (particularly WPA sections) in order to promote an exchange of experiences.
  • To publish a Zone 5 Newsletter or e-Bulletin in order to disseminate information to all psychiatrists in zone 5, and if possible a Southern South America directory of psychiatrists, mental health organizations and other NGOs.
  • To increase the participation of psychiatrists from zone 5 in WPA publications (such as the World Psychiatry and the WPA Series on Evidence and Experience in Psychiatry’s books) and meetings (Regional Symposia and the World Congress).
  • To disseminate WPA website, E-Bulletin, publications, Consensus and Position Statements, institutional programs, and Sections’ reports.
  • To collaborate with and disseminate any project/program jointly agreed by WPA and WHO such as the ATLAS project and those concerning the development of culturally sensitive revisions of ICD.
  • To offer technical advice to governments or legislators on building or improving mental health service delivery and other mental health policy issues.
  • To create and coordinate a Zonal Board of WPA Member Societies Representatives aiming to discuss, reach an agreement, and make proposals on common interest matters to different WPA components.
  • To strengthen relations with other WPA Zonal Representatives and Executive Committee members in order to increase the presence of WPA in every country of the world.




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