Latest news from the Kyrgyz Psychiatric Association

Latest news from the Kyrgyz Psychiatric Association

The esteemed Professor V. V. Solojenkin was the founder and leader of Kyrgyz Psychiatric Association (KPA) until 2007. After the elections that had taken place in 2007 a new Executive Committee was formed. Now under the presidency of Doctor Abjalal Begmatov the KPA EC consists of seven members including the Secretary for International Relations, Doctor Tamilla Kadyrova.

Activities of KPA cover various aspects of the field of psychiatry and mental health. One priority of KPA is the organization of activities especially in coordination with WPA, and also in coordination with its members within the country. Recently in November 14, 2008, a scientific meeting called “Psychiatric Readings”, dedicated to the memory of V.V.Solojenkin, was held.

Scientific activities of KPA include the development and organization and support of research in psychiatry, including child psychiatry and narcology, holding a reformative perspective.

Educational activities focus on organization of clinical case discussions, and educational and training seminars, aiming to cover all of the regions of the country. Besides, developing international relations on education in psychiatry and narcology is also aimed. 

Tamilla Kadyrova
Secretary for International Relations, Kyrgyz Psychiatric Association

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