A Psychiatrist Wanted for Great Cause

The Department of Psychiatry, Jimma University which is situated in Jimma town (350 km southwest of Addis Ababa) is planning to launch a two year innovative graduate training program for mid-level health professionals.

The program aims at reducing the huge mental health treatment gap through developing human resource capacity in the area of mental health care in Ethiopia. Jimma University has only one psychiatrist who is busy teaching medical students and all other trainees in the area of health sciences. He is also keen to start a new program to train mental health professionals with master's degree. However, it has been difficult for one person to start this important program. Thus, we are looking for a psychiatrist who could help this situation.

The Planned Program

The program will enroll mid level health professionals (Bachelor degree holder health officers) who have worked at primary health care centers for at least two years. The program integrates training clinical, primary care and community psychiatry.

Duties of the Psychiatrist upon employment

  • Clinical supervision of graduate students ( case presentations, morning rounds, ward rounds)
  • Supervising community and primary care activities by students
  • Offering didactic lectures and moderating seminars
  • Supervising graduate students’ research undertaking
  • Involving in assessment of the program and revision of curriculum.


  • The University will offer fully furnished house and local transportation within the town
  • Salary of 2000 USD per month (which is four times a local psychiatrist would earn for the same post)
  • Round trip ticket from home country will be covered
  • Working in a university with an enormous culture in community based research activities where faculties get both logistic and financial support to undertake research on their own.
  • Living the beautiful and evergreen Jimma town where cost of living is cheaper than most parts of the world

The contract

The eligible candidate will sign a one or two year contract with Jimma University that could be renewed.




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