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The Norwegian Psychiatric Association celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007.

One of the most successful initiatives we undertook during the celebration was to make a ten point manifesto on health policy. This manifesto has since the celebration often been cited by the media and has proven useful in explaining our plans for the future direction of psychiatry in our country.

Manifesto on health policy from the Norwegian Psychiatric Association (NPA)

  1. No more stigma and prejudices
    We need a national strategy for continuous work to fight stigma and prejudices though / by information.
  2. Mental disorders can be prevented
    We need a national plan of action aimed at preventing mental disorders, drug related diseases and suicides.
  3. Mandatory education on mental health in schools
    Knowledge about mental health, psychology and treatments must be mandatory in high schools.
  4. Early detection and treatment of severe mental disorders
    Hospitals must develop systems for early detection and treatment of psychosis.
  5. Better accessibility and low threshold
    Patients should be able to come directly to the hospitals and be assessed by a psychiatrist concerning the need for further treatment.   
  6. Plan for professional upgrading
    This upgrading must be done in close collaboration with the user organisations to make sure that the patients’ point of views is taken into account (or consideration). Psychiatry must be based upon best evidence.
  7. Secure and expand the room for psychotherapy and other psychosocial treatments
    In times when the health care services are focusing more on short term economic results, the softer and more time consuming aspects of treatments are under pressure.
  8. Reduce coercion
    Reduction in involuntary treatment can be achieved through an easier access to the services in mental health care.
  9. Users should be given a real possibility to influence treatment. Right to work.
    We want to work towards more influence from and closer collaboration with the users.
    Workplaces should be organized in a way that is more including and accepting towards all kinds of people.
  10. Quality indicators to measure results of the treatment and customer satisfaction.
    We want quality indicators that actually measure how our patients fare in both the short and long run. Continuous feedback in the form of patient satisfaction questionnaires.




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