Psychiatry Days in Banja Luka

Psychiatry days were held in Banja Luka from 20th to 21st of March 2009. It was organized by Association of Psychiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Psychiatric Clinic of Banja Luka Clinic Centre. The topic was “Contemporary approach to bipolar affective disorder”.


The very first activity of Psychiatrists Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina agreed on its leadership meeting was to continue with traditional Annual meetings for psychiatrists and neuropsychiatrists from whole Country.


This year symposium was attended by over 150 participants from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, mostly from the field of mental health (psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and psychologists) but also from other medical branches, primarily from family medicine .    


Symposium was divided in two themes days, with lectures, that covered all aspects of bipolar affective disorder, since its history to contemporary therapy directions and affective disorders that are accompanying neurological diseases. The lecturers were from Bosnia and Herzegovina Universities along with invited lecturers from Republic of Serbia and Republic of Croatia. Within Psychiatry days, four mini Symposiums tightly related to the basic themes were held.


After sessions completed, mutual socialising in relaxed and collegial atmosphere was continued, and guests from other cities have found spare time to introduce them selves with the beauties of the town upon river Vrbas-Banja Luka.


After Psychiatry days got completed, organisers were apprised for an excellent organisation and high quality of expert lectures. The forthcoming events and activities of our Society were announced as well as conclusion that this kind of Annual meetings, Psychiatry days, should be continued with.


President Association of Psychiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  Prof. dr Marija Burgic-Radmanovic                 

Secretaries Generales:
Mr dr Alma Dzubur Kulenovic,
Dr Goran Racetovic




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