The Third Cuban Glossary of Psychiatry (GC-3)

The Third Cuban Glossary of Psychiatry (GC-3)  is the Cuban Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual developed by Cuban mental health professionals through a careful review of and numerous annotations to the 10th revision of the WHO’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) Chapter V.


The GC-3, published in 2001, is a multi-purpose and multi-axial manual containing 6 diagnostic axes that allow local clinicians to capture essential information of the clinical condition of the person who presents for care. While preserving ICD-10’s taxonomic principles, diagnostic guidelines and codes, GC-3 allows Cuban clinicians to record information that faithfully reflects the particularity of the local patient, and his/her social and cultural circumstances in order to effectively inform diagnosis and clinical intervention.


GC-3 was preceded by the Cuban annotations to the 8th (GC-1) and 9th (GC-2) revisions of ICD, and is currently being updated in order to both contribute to the development of ICD-11, and to construct the Fourth Cuban Glossary of Psychiatry (GC-4).




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