Psychiatry Board Certification in Turkey

Psychiatry board certification examinations were initiated in Turkey in 2006. The aim was to motivate psychiatrists who had already been qualified in psychiatry to be up to date in recent developments in the field, thus improving good clinical practice and quality of psychiatric services in the country. As of 2008, residents in the final year of their residency program are allowed to take the first step of the exam, they are qualified for taking the second step after completing their program. 


Turkish Board of Psychiatry organized the certification exams with the collaboration of Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Education. Certification examinations are performed in two steps. The objective of the first step is to assess knowledge and second step is to evaluate skills and attitudes. The first step consists of 100 multiple choice questions, covering main topics of Psychiatry Residency Curriculum, which has been developed by Educational Program Development Commission of Psychiatry Board. Candidates who succeed in the first step are eligible for taking the second step examination. The format of the second step is objective structural clinical examination (OSCE). Six stations are designed for the second step of the certification exams. After the main topics are established; scripts for simulated patients, instructional guides and checklists for the observers and instructional guides for the candidates are prepared. Simulated patients take part in five stations. One station is designed to evaluate the candidates’ skills in psychiatric forensic report writing. Candidates stay in each station 10-20 minutes.  


As far as we know, Psychiatry Board of Turkey is the first in incorporating OSCE in board certification exams.


Aylin Ulusahin
Coordinator, Board Certification
Psychiatry Board of Turkey,
Psychiatric Association of Turkey




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