April 2011
Trans-sectional symposium, Joint activities of WPA Sections

Afzal Javed (UK), M. Kastrup (Denmark), L. Janiri, M. Di Nicola, G. Spinetti (Italy), and F. Hickling (Jamaica)WPA has got a number of Scientific Sections that play an important role in the functioning of WPA. There has been a recent trend of joining hands by Sections in organising joint symposia at different meetings. The WPA Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries has set this scene and has been active in planning such sessions at different scientific meetings.

The recent event has been held at the World Association of Social Psychiatry Congress at Marrakech (October 2010) where three WPA Sections (Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries, Section on Ecology, Psychiatry and Mental Health, and Section on Conflict Management and Resolution) held a joint symposium. This was chaired by Luigi Janiri (Italy) and Afzal Javed (UK). M. Kastrup (Denmark), Afzal Javed (UK), F. Hickling (Jamaica) and L. Janiri, M. Di Nicola, G. Spinetti (Italy) spoke on the effects of globalisation on mental health, Globalisation and effects on mental health: developing countries perspectives, Environmental challenges and mental health: the Caribbean experience and Climate changes and meteoropathic disorders.

This was a very successful activity and it is hoped that more Sections will join hands in organising Trans-sectional activities in future.

Afzal Javed
Co-Chair, WPA Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries




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