April 2011
News from the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry

The 17th National Conference of Indian Association for Social Psychiatry (IASP) is being inaugurated by Hon. Justice J Chalameswar, Chief Justice, High Court of Kerala at Cochin (Kochi) on 19 Nov 2010. Seated from right to left are Prof. Solomon Rataemane, Prof. Roy Abraham Kallivayalil, Prof. RC Jiloha, Prof. Rakesh Chadda, Prof. M. Thirunavukarasu, Dr. E. Mohandas, and Dr. Adarsh KohliThe 17th National Conference of the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry was held at IMA House Cochin, Kerala, India, from 19th to 21st November 2010. It was co-sponsored by the World Psychiatric Association and the World Association for Social Psychiatry.

Hon. Justice J. Chalameswar, Chief Justice, High Court of Kerala inaugurated the conference on 19 November during a grand opening ceremony. The Chief Justice said, psychiatrists in general and social psychiatry in particular have an important role to play in our modern society in this era of globalization

The theme of the conference was "Public Mental Health and Social Psychiatry”. Prof. K. Praveenlal, Prof. Mohan Issac, Prof. Pratap Sharan, and Prof. KS Jacob presented papers in the theme symposium. Other important events were Award Sessions, A Venkoba Rao and NN De Orations, a symposium on suicide prevention, workshop on psychotherapy organized by Prof. VK Vama (USA), special session on Mental Health Act and a lecture on National Mental Health Programme of India.

One of the highlights was the Symposium on Preventive Psychiatry organised in association with the WPA Section on Preventive Psychiatry in which the following papers were presented:
1. Role and Leadership of WPA Section on Preventive Psychiatry – Prof. Roy Abraham Kallivayalil
2. Preventive Psychiatry in Sri Lanka – Prof. Harischandra Gambheera (Sri Lanka)
3. Preventive Psychiatry in India- Dr. UC Garg (Agra)
4. Preventive Psychiatry in Nepal – Dr. Rabi Shakya (Nepal)
5. Preventive Psychiatry in Old Age – Prof. KS Shaji (Thrissur)
6. Preventive Psychiatry: Its relevance to Child Psychiatry – Dr. Varghese P Punnoose (Kottayam)
7. Preventive Psychiatry: Future Perspectives - Prof. JK Trivedi (Lucknow)

The following have assumed as the new office-bearers of IASP at the Conference:
President - Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil; President-Elect - Prof Rakesh K Chadda; Vice-President - Prof JK Trivedi; Secretary General - Prof BS Chavan; Editor - Prof VK Sinha; and Treasurer - Dr Adarsh Kohli

More than 200 delegates from all parts of India and representatives from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia, UK, USA, and South Africa participated in this highly successful conference organized under the leadership of Dr. M Chandrasekharan Nair (Chairman) and Dr. P. Joseph Varghese (Secretary). The WPA Zonal Representatives Dr. E. Mohandas and Dr. Solomon Rataemane also spoke.




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