April 2011
News from the Lithuanian Cultural Psychiatry Association

The Lithuanian Cultural Psychiatry Association (LCPA), inaugurated in 2004, is an Affiliated Association of the WPA, as well as of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry. LCPA was a sponsoring organization of the World Congresses of Cultural Psychiatry, held in Beijing in September 2006, and in Italy in 2009.

LCPA had also organized two international scientific conferences in Lithuania: “Love for One’s Neighbour is the Basis for Mental Health” (2004) and “How Spirituality Affects Mental Health” (2005). Both conferences were held in the Lithuanian Parliament House and attracted a large number of participants. We were pleased to welcome outstanding psychiatrists from different countries, such as Prof. Ronald Wintrob (USA) who attended both events and delivered speeches on various topics of transcultural psychiatry; Prof. Thomas Stompe (Austria) spoke on the topic of erotomania; Prof. Driss Moussaoui from Marocco introduced a need of ethics in psychiatry; Prof. Antti Pakaslahti (Finland) presented his paper on demons and spiritual healing in India; Prof. Sushrut Jadhav (UK) introduced cultural psychiatry to local psychiatrists and politicians; Prof. Juan Obiols discussed a topic on religious psychopathology. During the meeting discussions continued on the topic of how different cultural factors have influences on mental health and psychopathology. Members of the Association delivered various speeches in public, at schools, as well as on the radio and television. The Lithuanian Cultural Psychiatry Association had also worked on the Code of Ethics for Lithuanian psychiatrists, and presented its reports for further discussion and considerations.

Palmira Rudaleviciene
Chairman of the LCPA




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