July 2011
News from The Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina - Future Activities

It is our great pleasure to announce the future co-organizing activities by the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) concerning two major psychiatric events in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  1. The 8th Mostar’s Psychiatric Saturday, a traditional regional Symposium with its always intriguing themes (Mostar – 25 June 2011), organized by the Psychiatric Clinic and School of Medicine in Mostar. This year’s main topic is “Ethics and Morality Disorders in a Modern Medicine and Society”.
  2. The 5th Symposium of biological psychiatry/psychopharmacology in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the topic “Anxiety  and Anxiety Disorders” will take place in the Herzegovinian City Konjic (11-12 October 2011). The main organizers of this regional Symposium are the Association for Biological Psychiatry/Psychopharmacology in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Departmant of Psychiatry, University Clinical Centre Sarajevo.

These Symposia have CME acreditations and are psychiatric events of a high value for all Bosnia-Herzegovina’s mental health professionals and members of the PABH, with their active participation as lecturers or participants. Further announcements about these two planned events in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be available on the web site of PABH - www.upubih.com.

Goran Račetović
Secretary General of PABH




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