November 2011
Report of activities at the World Congress of Psychiatry 2011

During the WPA World Congress of Psychiatry recently held in Buenos Aires, the Section on Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry was pleased to offer two symposia to the participants. The symposium on phenomenology in psychiatry - which counted on Prof. Maria Lucrecia Rovalleti (Argentina), Prof. Otto Dörr-Zagers (Chile) and Prof. Octavio Serpa (Brazil) as speakers - covered topics ranging from the inception of phenomenology in psychiatry and the various nuances it has gained, to recent developments in the field. The full auditorium, as well as the interest of the audience in debating with the speakers even after the end of the session suggest this might have been a very stimulating activity.

In partnership with the Section on Clinical Psychopathology, the Section on Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry also organized and carried out a symposium on ethics and aesthetics in psychiatry. Prof. Michael Musalek (Austria) was unfortunately unable to attend, but this allowed Prof. Werdie van Staden (South Africa) and Dr. Pedro Varandas (Portugal) to provide even more details on their views about the critical role of dialectics in the clinical setting, both from ethical and aesthetical points of view. A very close interaction between the speakers and the audience was also a remarkable feature of this activity.

Descriptions of both symposia, including abstracts of the presentations and contact info of the speakers are available through these links:

  1. Symposium on phenomenology:
  2. Symposium on ethics and aesthetics:




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