November 2011
Greetings from Pedro Ruiz, new WPA President

Dear Colleagues and Friends from around the world:

I am deeply honored and pleased for the confidence deposited on me by the WPA General Assembly held in Prague in the Fall of 2008 where I received about 80% of the vote, and by the General Assembly during the WPA World Congress of Psychiatry held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was installed as President of the WPA on September 22, 2011 for the next triennium. In my capacity as WPA President, I will uphold during my Presidential tenure the highest ethical standards and organizational capacity expected from any President of this worldwide organization. I will also provide the necessary leadership in order to effectively reach out to the most needed and deprived regions of the world from an educational and health/mental health care policy point of view. Additionally, I will implement and maintain a policy of openness and clarity of operations as it is greatly required in an association of this size and importance. I will also demand and provide full fiscal accountability during my entire Presidential period. It is ultimately my goal and objective to make our Association shine and growth as it has never happened before. Our Societies and members deserve and expect this type of leadership; additionally, our patients need, expect, and deserve our attention and dedication, as well as full access to health and mental health care, and the provision of the highest quality of psychiatric care possible.


Pedro Ruiz
WPA President (2011-2014)




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