November 2011
News from the International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists

In the photo are: Valentin Semke (Director, President of IAEE), Viktor Kress (Head of Tomsk Regional Administration), Nikolay Bokhan (Deputy Director, Vice-President of IAEE), and Boris Maltsev (Chair of Tomsk Regional Duma). On September 6-7, 2011 in Tomsk, Mental Health Research Institute, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences celebrated its 30th anniversary. International status of the event was evident by participants from Germany, Sweden and Kazakhstan. There has been a special attention to been drawn to the results of the specialists of the Institute’s scientific-training-practical association as a whole. New directions reflecting reality and necessity both in fundamental and in applied psychiatry are preventology, ecological psychiatry, clinical personology, valeopsychology, transculturology. A Eurasian project in the field of crosscultural psychotherapy is in the perspective.  The uniqueness of the eastern region of Russia determined by a complex of extreme and sub-extreme climatic-geographic factors and social-demographic characteristics of the population, including its poly-ethnicity (34 nationalities) creates a place for conducting ethnopsychiatric investigations.

The native population of Siberia and the Far East is represented by nationalities with different evolution, history, culture, attitude, stereotypes of behavior, communication, ideas about norm and pathology, different attitude toward manifestations of mental diseases, that can fluctuate from permissive up to substantially limitative. In accomplishing the investigations in this direction, all subsections of the institute participated, including Far-Eastern Affiliation (Vladivostok), Tyva and Buryat Republican Psycho-Neurological Clinics, Mongolian Republican Mental Health Scientific Center.

The International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists has, since its creation, continued to function successfully, the proof of which is the experience of many years of investigations on the health of the native people of Siberia. This was done in close collaboration with investigators and physicians in places and is in comparison with the results of the work of our colleagues in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Mongolia, Japan and other countries.

Valentin Semke, Nikolay Bokhan, Irina Kupriyanova, Svetlana Vladimirova




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