February 2012
Migration, Violence and Cultural Psychiatry

The Organizing Committee of GLADET’s Third International Congress welcomes you to our most important event. The first GLADET Congress took place in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in April 2008, with the theme “Psychiatry, Nature, and Culture: from the individual to the universal”, and featured contributions by distinguished colleagues from five continents. The memoirs of that Congress became a fundamental text for contemporary psychiatry in Latin America. GLADET’s Second International Congress was held in the city of Cuzco, in Peru, in August 2010, together with the Twenty-First Peruvian National Congress of Psychiatry. Seeking to address the issues of violence and migration from a cultural psychiatry approach, we have invited to this Third Congress an outstanding group of specialists from different parts of the world who will meet at the Camino Real Hotel of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in the Mexican state of Chiapas, from August 9 through August 11 2012.

We must inquire into what happens to the symbolic elements of the culture of our migrants, what their uses are among groups with an ethnic identity, how they are integrated or rejected by the cultures into which they arrive, and to what extent they are factors of integration or causes for shame that may respectively be displayed or concealed, with the consequences for mental health that these dynamics may have on the relationship between the individual and society. Cultural psychiatry has a lot to offer to this debate, and our Congress will give us an excellent opportunity for a scientific encounter of the highest level.

Sergio J. Villaseñor-Bayardo

President of GLADET. A.C.




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