March 2012
Section on Women’s Mental Health

Activities in 2011-2012

  1. Presentations by Profs. Donna Stewart and Marta Rondon in the Women’s Health Congress, March 2011, Medellin, Columbia.
  2. Participation in the 2012 Neuroscience International Symposium of the Medical School, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Peru. Prof. Marta Rondon was one of the organizers and presenter of a scientific paper.
  3. Keynote presentation, on Violence Against Women, and Shelter homes for destitute women in Pakistan by Prof. Unaiza Niaz in Psychological Health & Awareness Society in Egypt (PHASE) Conference, Cairo, December 2011.
  4. Participation of Prof. Unaiza Niaz in the International Resource Group Meeting in Luxor, Egypt, in December 2011; later a visit to the Gaza Community Mental Health Program in Gaza (GCMHP), Palestine.
  5. Keynote presentation by Prof. Donna Stewart at the WPA Congress in Prague, October 2012 “An Update on Antidepressants in Pregnancy”.

Unaiza Niaz

Chair, WPA Section on Women’s Mental Health


International Group Members of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program. From L-R: John van Eenwyk (USA), David Becker(Germany),Yumi Terahata (Japan), Unaiza Niaz (Pakistan), Mary Carlson (USA), and Felton Earls (USA).


GCMHP International Resource Group at the Meeting in Luxor, Egypt, December 2012.

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