October 2012
Mental Health Foundation (Nigeria)

Mental Health Foundation (Nigeria)

Our Vision: To Fight Stigma, Reduce Discrimination, and Demystify Mental Illness in Africa

A part of the mandate of the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is to educate people on how to maintain and retain their dignity in the face of mounting problems, challenges, and disorders that confront them in their daily encounters.

On 23 June 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, the MHF Team paid an advocacy visit to a Children’s Home (SOS). The SOS care givers were lectured on DEPRESSION.

It was a unique day on 6 June 2012 when the MHF gathered some school age children and informed them on the effects of cultism, drug abuse, and more. The children were also advised against anything that could lead to their vulnerability.

Owoyemi Emmanuel

CEO, Mental Health Foundation

-An MHF volunteer lecturing on “Depression”-

-Informing school age children about the effects of cultism and drugs.-

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