September 2012
Hellenic Psychiatric Association

Hellenic Psychiatric Association

Crises and Disasters occur very frequently in our world. Some of them are natural, others are human-made. The former as a rule cannot be prevented but we can certainly prevent or limit their psychosocial consequences. The latter are by definition preventable although in practice they are very seldom prevented (just think of war conflicts and other situations associated with human aggression). Economic crises are included within the latter category. Their impact is serious. Suicide, homicide, exacerbation of psychopathology and especially depression have been reported. This crisis has hit every country but its impact has been (and still is) very serious in the countries of Southern Europe, including the host country of the Congress. 

Financial crises have a greater impact on vulnerable groups. One of these groups is the group of consumers, persons with mental disorders. Advocacy and protection of this group of vulnerable persons is sine qua non under the present adverse conditions and we hope that our Congress will serve this scope.

Our Congress is organized by the World Federation for Mental Health in collaboration with the Hellenic Psychiatric Association and the Society of Preventive Psychiatry. It will be held in Athens, Greece from 6 to 9 March 2013 at the Royal Olympic Hotel, situated centrally in Athens, just opposite the columns of the Olympian Zeus with a breath-taking view of the Acropolis and the Lykabetus Hill and a few steps from the Plaka region and the spectacular Acropolis museum. The main topic of the Congress is “Crises and Disasters: Psychosocial consequences” but submission of papers on other topics within the area of the behavioral sciences are also welcome.

The organizers look forward to welcoming you all to Athens. We will do our best to offer you an interesting scientific program and to make you feel at home.

Information and instruction for Abstract submission:

George Christodoulou

Chair, Organizing Committee of the Congress




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