February 2013
Preventive Psychiatry

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Our Section organized a WPA Preventive Psychiatry Section Symposium on 11 January 2013 during the 65th Annual Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society in Bangalore.

The subject was “The Essential Role of Preventive Psychiatry in the World”.


  1. Role of Preventive Psychiatry in Europe - Michaela Amering (Austria)
  2. Role of Preventive Psychiatry in North America- Rohan Ganguli (USA/Canada)
  3. Role of Preventive Psychiatry in Africa - Solly Rataemane (South Africa)
  4. Preventive Psychiatry in the World - Future Perspectives - Roy Kallivayalil, Chair, and Nikos Christodoulou (Greece), Secretary, WPA Section on Preventive Psychiatry

Chair: Helen Herrman (Former Secretary for Publications, WPA)

Co-chair: P Joseph Varghese (Committee Chairman, IPS)

The session was held in Hall No - 1 (Main auditorium) at the Nimhans Bangalore and had very good attendance. There was much useful discussion in which delegates from various countries participated. The symposium highlighted the pre-eminent role of Preventive Psychiatry in the modern world.

Roy Abraham Kallivayalil

Chair, WPA Section on Preventive Psychiatry 

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