December 2013
WPA Zone 10 (Eastern Europe)

A WPA co-sponsored meeting (Zone 10) entitled “Actual problems of Psychosomatics and Affective disorders” took place in Moscow, Russia on March 14-17, 2013. The conference was organized by the efforts of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists (RSP) and the Psychiatry and Psychosomatics Department, the First Moscow State Medical University and within the direction of continuous medical education for professors and Heads of Psychiatry Departments.Around 150 professors from different regions of Russia took part in this scientific event; among them there were Academicians S.B. Seredenin, A.B. Smulevich, A.S. Tiganov, Professors N.G. Neznanov (RSP President),V.N. Krasnov (Director, Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry), P.V. Morozov (WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 10 Eastern Europe), A. Seretti (Italy), and others.

The issues of clinical psychopathology, genetic data, epidemiological findings, evidencebased therapy and preventive measures regarding psychosomatic and affective disorders were discussed. Recent data on the studies in the specialized field of psycho-cardiology, psycho-neuroendocrinology, psycho-dermatology and psycho-oncology were presented. The session on professional interests was devoted to the historical heritage of teachings and modern concepts of personality disorders.


Peter Morozov
WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 10 (Eastern Europe) Daria Smirnova




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