January 2014
WPA Zone 10 (Eastern Europe)

East-European Educational WPA-Servier Academy 

According to the decision of the 2nd Meeting of the Heads of WPA Zone 10psychiatric societies (October 2012, Kharkov), a database for East European magazines in Russian has been created. It was also decided for an intensive magazine articles exchange within this database. In order to improve the quality of the material and to cover the International Psychiatric Congresses more deeply, the Heads suggested forming a group of young scientific observers.Within the framework of the WPA Educational Program the East-European Educational WPA-Servier Academy has been established.On the basis of references of national societies 12 young researchers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan with equally good knowledge of Russian and English have been selected. During the next two years this group shall be attending major European Congresses and making reviews on the most interesting matters discussed at Congresses. After the reviews are edited by the supervisors, they will be added into the database and granted for publishing in various WPA Zone 10 magazines without limitation. This idea was for the first time put into practice at the EPA Congress in Nice; the first 11 reviews were forwarded for publication to the Presidents of societies at the 3rd meeting (June 2013, Almaty).Eight reviews have been published already in psychiatric magazines of Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan. 

The distribution of such scientific information among psychiatrists of Post-Soviet countries on a regular basis shall contribute to the development of WPA Educational Program on our continent and raise the professionalism of specialists.

Petr Morozov

WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 10 (Eastern Europe)

Caption:Standing from L to R:Vahan Simonyan (Armenia), Olena Zhabenko (Ukraine), Pavel Alfimov (Russia), Victoria Chitlova (Russia), Maria Bobrova (Russia), Aram Hovsepyan (Armenia), Narmin Hajiyeva (Azerbaijan), Polina Krasnova (Kazakhstan), and Mykhailo Denysenko (Ukraine).Seated: Koba Kabosnidze (Georgia), and Timur Syunyakov(Russia);Aleksey Pavlichenko (Russia)absent in the photo.

Edition of the "World Psychiatry" in Russian- printed version

After a pause caused by a number of objective circumstances, for the first time since the beginning of 2012 the printed edition of the magazine “World Psychiatry” in Russian was resumed. More than 20 Russian young psychiatrists with a good knowledge of the English language who have passed a test selection are engaged in full translation and editing of publications. The process has been organized by the Commission of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists in cooperation with young scientists (Chairman – Prof. P. V. Morozov) and the RSP Council of Young Scientists. Responsible editors are O. Karpenko and P. Alfimov, and editor-in-chief of the Russian edition is the WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 10.

It should be emphasized that the issue of the electronic version of the magazine has been carried out almost without interruption, and the online edition has been placed not only on the WPA website, but also on the RSP website (www.psychiatr.ru), as well as on the website of Russia’s most popular professional publication - P. B. Gannushkin magazine (www.con-med.ru).

With the help of an educational grant from Servier company, the magazine is not just being translated and published, but it is also made freely available to all countries in the WPA Zone 10, in accordance with requests received from the presidents of psychiatric societies of Eastern European countries.

Petr Morozov

WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 10 (Eastern Europe)

Georgian-Russian meeting of psychiatrists

At the invitation of the Georgian Society of Psychiatrists and other public psychiatric organizations of Georgia, a group of Russian psychiatrists visited Tbilisi. On August 28th, 2013 a scientific conference on topical problems of modern psychiatry took place in the auditorium of the Tbilisi State Medical University. The meeting was opened by one of the eldest psychiatrists of the world, 92-year-old academician Shota Gamkrelidze, who stressed that the conference had been organized thanks to the insistence of G. Geleishvili, President of the Georgian Society of Psychiatrists, and the representative of the WPA, and despite the absence of diplomatic relations between the countries.

The conference featured eight reports which were listened to with great interest and provoked lively debate that continued in the evening in an informal atmosphere. As a result, a mutual desire to hold such meetings further and to search for other forms of scientific cooperation was expressed. It is important to note that this was the first joint meeting of the two countries’ psychiatrists over the last 25 years. The positive role of the WPA in this process is also worth mentioning.

Petr Morozov

WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 10 (Eastern Europe)

caption:From L to R: Prof. Eteri Dubnitskaya (Russia) and academician Shota Gamkrelidze (Georgia).

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