March 2014
Dear Friends and Colleagues from around the world,

One again, the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Quarterly Period of October to December 2013 was a very active and successful one for all of us in the WPA, especially me.

On October 5-8, 2013, I attended and participated in the Association of Argentinian Psychiatrists (AAP) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The lecture I delivered during this Congress was well received, and the Congress was excellent from a quality point of view.

On October 17-20, 2013, I was invited and attended the SONEPSYN Annual Congress in Viña del Mar, Chile.  This Congress was also excellent from a quality point of view and I participated in several occasions during the scientific program.  The leadership of the Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery Association organized a very good scientific program for this occasion.

On October 23-25, 2013, I attended and actively participated in the scientific program of the Dual Diagnosis Congress held in Barcelona, Spain.  The leadership of this affiliated association once again organized a wonderful congress.

On October 26-30, 2013, I led our WPA International Congress held in Vienna, Austria.  I was very proud of the quality of our Congress and the overall outcome during this occasion.  The Austrian Psychiatric Association should be congratulated for the scientific quality of this Congress.

On November 14-16, 2013, I led our WPA Educational Conference held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  This event was well received by our colleagues from Bolivia and nearby countries, and we were very proud for our WPA scientific contribution during this well deserved WPA educational program in this country and region of the world.

On December 13-15, 2013, I participated, as an examiner, on behalf of the World Psychiatric Association, in the Arab Board of Psychiatry Exam held in Arman, Jordan.  I was certainly proud and happy for my educational contributions during this exam.

I look forward to the activities and contributions to be made on behalf of the World Psychiatric Association in the year 2014.


Pedro Ruiz, M.D.

WPA President (2011-2014)

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